Support Care Plan Activities Essay

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Support Care Plan Activities

1 Be able to prepare to implement care-plan activities

1 1 identify sources of information about the individual and specific care-plan activities

Identify sources of information about the individual and specific care plan activities having a holistic approach will allow us to know better our service users and so, support the individual in the best way accordingly with their wishes. By actively involving the service users we may obtain most of their relevant information such as health state, employment, level of education, their social context and circumstances and their religious and cultural background. Accounting with service users provider permission we may obtain more information contacting the individual’s relatives. Other way to get information is contacting service users friends, neighbors and previous care providers (always keeping rules of confidentiality and the legal restrictions as to how much information may be passed on)

4 be able to contribute to reviewing activities in care-plan

4 2 describe own roles and roles of others in reviewing care plan activities

In the care team my responsibilities are to contribute to the review of the care plan.
My contribution is
To facilitate the plan with my training and experience in this
To be a member of the planning and meeting process
To contribute to the actions that result from the plan
Support the person or the family to lead on the individual’s own plan My role is to spend time with the focus person reading the plan and increasing my understanding of the person through the plan as the focus person will have experience of working with the individual and will know them well. For example, before starting a shift and going for an outside activity with a new service user I read their personal care-plan and learn what they like to do or what they do not like what risks they incurs, if they has a special

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