Supply and Demand Essay

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Supply and Demand

Shanyce’s beauty salon will be located at 83 Hagley Park Road, Kingston 20. It is a highly populated area where schools and other business places are located; this is an ideal location for a beauty salon as there are no other beauty salons of close proximity. It is also a safe place as it is located close to the Hagley Park road police station. Adjacent to the location are housing projects that are under construction, hence the demands for hair care will be greater. Proper infrastructure such as: roads, water, electricity and adequate parking are in place.

The raw material needed for operating the beauty salon will be easily sourced from beauty supply stores and other wholesale establishments that are in close proximity. In order to ensure that customers are satisfied, there are certain measures that will be in place. The owner will ensure that she employs persons who are highly qualified and experienced in all aspects of cosmetology. She will also ensure that workers have their business license and health card according to government regulations. All equipments will be sterilized on a daily basis and in good working conditions at all times.

The products obtained will be from reputable suppliers and will be of the highest quality. The type of organizational structure that will be put in place is the line organizational structure. The owner will employ two persons in the business, a nail technician and a cosmetologist. The owner will be in charge of styling and conditioning, wax ear removal and ear piercing. The nail technician will be required to have a diploma from a recognized institution with at least two years experience in the required field. She will be efficient, punctual, hard working and have a pleasant and courteous countenance.

The cosmetologist will be responsible for hair colour, cut and texture, colour locking, braiding and makeup. A diploma in cosmetology from a recognized institution will be required with at least five years experience as cosmetologist. Professionalism will be portrayed in all areas. The workers will adhere to all rules and regulations that are required of them by the government such as: license in hair care and a public health care card. The workers will be paid according to their job description on a weekly basis. They will be entitled to sick leave and vacation leave.

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