Supply and demand Essay Topics

Analysis of Price and Quantity of Garlic

Summary According to the Malaysia Foodstuff Import and Export Association, the price of garlic has increased drastically to RM 8-9 from RM3 per kg in Penang and RM 8-9 from RM 4 per kg in Klang Valley. The cause of shortage of supply is mainly due to the bad weather in China.There has been a… View Article

Monopoly Vs perfect competition

A monopoly is a market structure in which there is only one producer/seller for a product. In other words, the firm on its own is the industry. Perfect competition is a market structure in which all firms sell an identical product, all firms are price takers, they cannot control the market price of their product,… View Article

Monopoly and monopsony

Markets comprises of products or services, buyers and sellers. Where as in a perfectly competitive market there will be a reasonably good number of buyers and sellers of the products or services. So the possibility of influencing the market by a single seller or buyer is nil. Depending upon the supply and demand prices will… View Article

Supply, Demand and Price Elasticity

A commodity is a basic good that can be bought, sold, or even used as currency in parts of the world. Items such as coffee, sugar, soybeans, gold, silver, wheat, gasoline, corn, platinum, oranges, and crude oil are examples of commodities in the global marketplace. Consumers demand commodities to meet their needs in the consumption… View Article

Supply and Demand Simulation

Supply and demand is the common sense principle which defines the generally observed relationship between demand, supply and prices: as demand increases the price goes up which attracts new suppliers who increase the supply bringing the price back to normal (Law of Supply and Demand, 2010). A surplus in the market exerts a downward pressure… View Article

Comparative Analysis on Oil Supply

Supply is the quantity of goods that producers are willing to sell at a given price, while demand is the amount of goods consumers are willing to buy and have the capacity to buy at a given price (“Supply and demand”).             With the definitions given, it can be inferred that the supply curve has… View Article

Historical Example of Supply and Demand

There is been different times in the past where specific events had affect the course of labor supply and demand. Each of these events shares characteristics that make the labor supply and demand to build a process to improve in how to overcome difficulties or even new challenges. Some events where labor demand and supply… View Article

Demand and supply

The rapid change of gasoline prices almost every week has left most of its consumers scratching their heads in confusion and wonder as to the true reasons why the price of gasoline skyrockets every now and then. Perhaps one of the most basic explanations that people could come up with is the theory of demand… View Article

Principle Economics

In your view, what is economics? Economics has been defined as the allocation of scarce resources among many different players.  Simply understood as mere supply and demand, Economics can also be made to apply to more complex systems such as production frontiers and economies of scale.  Put simply, economics can be understood as the study… View Article

India automobile industry

Is this the worst period for the automobile industry that you’ve witnessed? The sales of petrol-fuelled cars have been declining month after month and it went unnoticed. However, diesel car sales started declining only since the last six months. Sales of petrol cars have been declining for the past two years. This is certainly the… View Article

Project of Demand Estimation

Instruction: You should prepare the case with your group members. Each group is required to submit a word file detailing your analysis. You will be graded on your group’s performance and your contribution to your group. Summary of the case: You work for Price Waterman Coopers as a market analyst. PWC has been hired by… View Article

Economics Practice Problems

1. Which of the following would most likely cause equilibrium quantity and price of x to rise? (a)a fall in income when the income elasticity of demand for x is positive Wrong. This will cause a drop in demand and thus a fall in quantity. (b)a fall in the price of complementary product y Correct…. View Article


Demand for Corn If the demand for corn increases due to its use as an alternative energy source, the supply of corn substitute like soybean would decrease. This would happen because as the demand of corn rises, the price of corn would rise. Therefore the producers of a substitute like soybean would start producing corn… View Article

Applied Problem

Bridget has limited income and consumes only wine and cheese; her current consumption choice is four bottles of wine and 10 pounds of cheese. The price of wine is $10 per bottle, and the price of cheese is $4 per pound. The last bottle of wine added 50 units to Bridget’s utility, while the last… View Article

Arcor Case Study

Arcor: A Latin American confectionary player is globalizing its business According to this case, Arcor wanted to expand its business outside Latin America; however, it had three major challenges, including becoming the No. 1 Latin American confectionary and chocolate company; continuing to grow and establish itself in high development potential markets outside Latin America; and… View Article

Village Volvo Case Study

1. Describe Village Volvo’s Service Package. Supporting Facility: Village Volvo occupies a new Butler building that has four work bays in addition to an office, waiting, area, and storage room. Facilitating good: A television set, comfortable chairs, coffee, a soft-drink vending machine, magazines, and the local newspaper Information: The mechanic who will be working on… View Article

Market Demand

The calculation above shows that Bonia Group practice elastic demand for the previous 10 years. This is mainly due to strong competition among competitors. Bonia Group, which target the mid-high price range market encounter a few international branding competitor like Calvin Klein, DKNY, Paris Hilton, Armani Exchange and Lacoste in the market and were highly… View Article

Supply and Demand and Price Elasticity

(1) Identify who formalized the concept of elasticity and explain the concept. The economist Alfred Marshall formalized the concept of elasticity; he introduced this concept in the law of supply and demand. The actual concept is a little confusing to me, what I get from the concept is that we use elasticity when we want… View Article

Economics Paper

1: Define the term ‘equilibrium price’: The price at which quantity demanded by consumers and the quantity of goods and services supplied by firms is the same. 3: With the help of an appropriate diagram and the information in extract B, explain why the world price of sugar changed in 2009: The price of sugar… View Article

Reflection Paper Economics

All in all, demand refers to how much (quantity) of a product or service is desired by buyers. And it is determined by the determinants like taste and preferences, income, population and price expectation. Price must always come first. Consumers are more tend to buy a product. if the price decreases. This kind of behavior… View Article

Aggregate Demand and Supply Models

When examining unemployment and supply and demand it is imperative to examine the affects one has on the other and vice versa. If no new jobs are created or layoffs occur, there are no jobs to supply the needs. As the availability of money lessens a smaller amount is available for the purchase of goods,… View Article

The Basics of Supply and Demand

1) Use supply and demand curves to illustrate how each of the following events would affect the price of butter and the quantity of butter bought and sold: a. An increase in the price of margarine. b. An increase in the price of milk. c. A decrease in average income levels. 2). Use Supply and… View Article

What Is the Right Supply Chain for Your Product

The technology has improve glaringly the capacity of enterprises , make the supply chain every time more efficient thank to globalization we can contact rapidly but at the same time new markets grow and the competence with new ideas. Nevertheless having an excellent tool as communication the enterprise makes a mistake don’t choosing the appropriate… View Article

Recommend Your Friends

1. F. James McDonald the former president of the US automobile workers federation suggested an average reduction of 4% in the price of the car. The automobile market was weak, which resulted in unemployment. Lower price would lead to greater sales and stimulate employment. McDonald believed that a 4% reduction in price would increase sales… View Article

The basic economic problems

1a) The basic economic problem is one of scarcity of productive resources . Explain how resources are allocated between competing uses in a market economy . (10) Scarcity refers to a limited number of resources such as workers, machines, factories, raw materials . A market economy also known as a free market is one where… View Article

Movement and Shift Along Demand and Supply Curve

Introduction The market is an amazing instrument, it enables people who have never met and who know nothing about each other to interact and do business. Supply & demand is perhaps one of the most fundamental concepts of economics and it is the backbone of a market economy. Demand refers to how much (quantity) of… View Article

Supply and Demand Paper

There are many factors that should be considered before buying a new car; this decision should be based on in-depth consumer research prior to stepping foot onto a dealership lot. In today’s vehicle market you can expect to see varying interest rates, varied vehicle supply and depending on the economy, dealership promotions and gimmicks which… View Article

Demand and Supply Analysis on Iphone 5

Summary- The article shows how Wall Street Journal has tried to prove that the demand of Apple’s Iphone5 has fallen, just because the company cut down the orders of the components used in the manufacturing of the ios device which it outsources. But the fact actually is that apples sale has not fallen, and in… View Article

Samsung Analysis

Founded in 1939, Samsung is one of the leading companies in the electronics market with 206 offices and facilities in 68 countries globally. The company was founded by the family of the current CEO in a small city of Korea named Taegu operating as an export company (About Samsung-History, par.1). Samsung has grown to become one… View Article

Principles of Microeconomics

Supply and Demand is a phrase that every one hears in one way or another, Supply and demand phrase according to Colander, (2010) is the most used phrase by economist and the reason is because the phrase provides a good “off-the-cuff” answer for many question that have to do with economy. Example why are interest… View Article