Supertoys Last All Summer Long - a Short Story

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“Supertoys Last All Summer Long” is a short story that depicts on how Monica is alone, David is not real, and Henry just feeds into Monica’s loneliness “An overcrowded world is the ideal place in which to be lonely” (Aldiss 112). It is hard to see a child growing does not get the love and affection he deserves as a kid, however David’s only purpose is to fill a void with they use a robotic teddy bear to have Communication? Why can she not communicate with her son? Ultimately futuristic technology is used to provide companionship while waiting for your chance at parenthood.

The Swninton’s are what one would consider at perfect family, living in the perfect house, having a perfect child, the perfect husband with a perfect job, and a perfect wife who has a perpetually perfect garden, As the whole world is looking in on the Swinton family. Mr. Swinton has the ideal job where he is never alone, while Monica is at home trying to love a robotic boy.

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“She had tried to love him”(Aldiss 112) is describing how Monica feels about David. She has to try to love his son! How can a mother say she tried to love dwells into the plausibility of how perfectly this family really is, Monica is longing for more than just David. She seems to try to want to love him but simply cannot in the same sense as the love for her own child. David wants to tell Monica how he feels ” ‘Darling Mummy, guess how much I love—‘ “(117) David cannot complete his sentences he writes on papers, he simply doesn’t think his mother loves him.

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Eventually David, and Mrs. Swinton are portrayed modern futuristic environment where the society has made great strides in evolvement still very lonely.

Today we live in a society that has been engulfed in technology and that question is does technology make us lonely. We can communicate with one another faster than ever whether it’s by text message, email and through the many social networking sites that we have today we can reach out to each other in so many ways. However, within the last few decades loneliness has become an increasingly common occurrence, and is something which seems to have been driven largely by recent technological advancement. Human beings are genetically designed to gain satisfaction by meaningful relationship with real people. For example, according to “Babies how are handled frequently when they are younger grow bigger, have better muscle development and are generally healthier”. It is reverse in case of David he starts to self-doubt his existence when states “She’s got Daddy. I’ve got nobody ‘cept you. And I’m lonely” (Purvis 45).

In conclusion, although Mr. Swinton is a terrific technological advanced person who wants to create and wonderful mechanizing for the betterment of his family. Th basic need to satisfy his family is not fulfilled.

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