Supersize Me: The Health Risks of Food

The specific purpose behind Morgan Spurlock’s documentary Supersize Me, is to test whether McDonald’s the fast food restaurant is harmful to your health if consumed in a daily matter, and whether or not fast food restaurants are obligated to tell their consumers about the health risks of their food.

He establishes this as an important matter due to a court case, where two obese teenage girls sued McDonald’s for making them obese, due to their daily consumption of the restaurant.

So, he does a test on whether the girls are right or not since the fast food restaurant didn’t give them any explanation of whether there were any health risks or not.

The target audience of the documentary is for every single American and Global citizen who eats fast food on a daily basis. I know this is the target audience because Morgan Spurlock ran the experiment whether to prove or not whether these fast food restaurants are unhealthy or not, and the people who eat this food the most is the general public.

His tone throughout the entire documentary was one of three things, it was either funny, entertaining, educational, or all three at once. Also not to mention the documentary’s test isn’t one that is too interesting, its Morgan’s commentary and his personality as a whole that adds to the plot of it all, and makes the viewer engaged and want to actually watch the movie at all.

Ethos, Pathos, and Logos, these are the three main rhetorical techniques Spurlock alluded to throughout his entire documentary.

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Morgan Spurlock used ethos by explaining how often the American people go to fast food restaurants on a daily basis, a number that is astronomical that every ¼ Americans visit a fast food restaurant every day and by doing so he explains the scope of the problem and how many people it actually effects. He then uses pathos by showing the people the scope of the problems he experienced such as: gaining an astronomical amount of weight, the issues he dealt with reguarding his relationship with her girlfriend, and finally how he suffered through depression by fulfilling this experiment. By doing so he let his audience in on how he actually suffered during this process and it just further builds the emotional relationship between the audience and Spurlock, which made them want to watch the documentary more due to credibility and emotional investment they have it now.

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