Superpower Machine Essay

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Superpower Machine

Every once in a while I cant help but think about what it would be like if I have powers. If I can build a machine that can do anything, I want a machine that can transform me into any hero I want with any superpower there is. It would be an amazing thing to have the ability to do something noble and help people while having fun at the same time. In case of an emergency, I can turn into someone with superman or batman powers or any other hero depending on the situation.

For example,if there was any trouble at sea, I can turn into Aqua man or if speed is needed I can easily become Flash. Another power that I am curious enough to try is the power of invisibility. I think it would be exciting to observe people when they do not know that anybody is around. I would also love to have the power to read somebody else’s mind. Although somethings are better left unsaid, still, it would be brilliant to know what people are thinking.

The bottom line is that these heroes make a big impact in the lives of people they do not even know and I want to be a part of it. Hackneyed as this may sound, Uncle Ben was right in saying that with great powers have great responsibilities. Saving the say is not all about the glamor and the excitement like what televisions and movies are portraying. Everyday we have regular unsung heroes like policemen and fireman who are willing to go to inside a burning building at the verge of collapse with just saving the trapped victim inside.

In our everyday lives we encounter heroism that we do not even notice because we have our own notion about what a hero is and what it would be like to be saved. A man giving up his seat in the subway or a young lad helping an old lady cross the street; this is a typical picture of the modern day hero. They are no batman or superman but they end up saving the day. I guess I do not need any machine to make a difference in the world after all but it would still be great to have it as an option.

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