Superfudge Review Essay

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Superfudge Review

“Superfudge” tells about the life of eleven-year-old boy – Peter Hatcher and his family. Peter considered his life complicated and unfair – his elder brother Fudge constantly irritated him, and, what was more awful, his parents announced mother was waiting for a baby. Peter found himself in uncertain situation as he was left with a babysitter. Peter’s elder brother was always a problem for him and when his parents asked whether he was happy of new brother, he said no as he had Fudge. Fudge was also interesting in where babies were coming from and when he received that knowledge he decided to embarrass Peter.

Obviously, Fudge was angry as he was no longer the baby in the family and he decided to get rid of a Tamara Roxanne. Fudge behaved amoral offering her to unknown people on the streets and guests. Fudge decided even to play hide-and-seek and hide in the front hall closet. Of course, Peter was irritated, especially when Fudge got a pet myna bird and named her Uncle Feather.  It was difficult for Peter to adjust to new babysitter.

He became more annoyed when he was told that Fudge was to start kindergarten earlier and to attend the same school as Peter. Then, why should Peter want another brother or sister? So, the story provides insight into child’s world of anxieties and hopes. The story is very touching because every child experienced the same feelings. I think that author raises the eternal themes of parents-children interactions. Moreover, the author shows complex inner world of a child.

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