Super Size Me Essay

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Super Size Me

In America, almost 60% of all adults are either fat or obese. And people are suing food companies, especially McDonalds, for their illnesses. Are companies to be blame of the obesity epidemic? Is fastfood really bad for us? Or is eating food in McDonalds safe? That’s the epidemic problem that US is facing todays.

The objective of this Documentary is to know what will happen to a man if he only eats food from McDonalds for 30 days. Would it be that fast to become an obese like the most of US people are? And would it be dangerous?

In doing the documentary, he uses experiment and do it by himself only to prove in his own eyes what the effect of doing this 30-day diet is.

The methods used by him is that he interviews random people such as the representative of a large food lobbying group, the lawyer who sued McDonald’s, and other people as well. The data that he needed are his overall and specific health status. And that could possibly determine what the effect of the experiment is. He visits 3 doctors (a cardiologist, gastroenterologist, and a general practitioner), whom he gets each of them battery of tests and get baseline measurements. The doctors’ initial findings show that he starts out as a healthy guy, actually above average. He is 6’ 2” and weighs approximately 185 lbs. His cholesterol is well under 200, and his body fat is a well below average 11%. And each of the doctors he informs about his experiment predicts minor effects: Triglyceride levels will increase along with cholesterol.

By the end of the 30 days, his cholesterol has passed 230 by a wide margin, he’s put on almost 24.5 lbs, his body fat has increased from 11% to 18% and his liver is on red alert. And it took him 8 weeks to get his liver back to normal and over one year to get down to his previous weight. And coincidentally shortly after Super Size Me was released, McDonald’s announced it was going to discontinue its Super Size menu. And they denied it had anything to do with the film.

The documentary film doesn’t lay all the blame of obesity on fast food companies, people do have free choice, but the point he makes is that these companies go out of their way to make the food pretty much addictive through the use of sugar, fat, and caffeine and that they go out of their way to hide how unhealthy this stuff really is.

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