Super Kikay and Her Flying Pagong

The turtle is a magical and gave Kikay the power to save humankind and the sea creatures. It is her duty to protect the ocean deep from the giant small Octopus and its master disciple from getting the magical pearl that gives life to the ocean deep. As a training, Super Kikay fly around their town and try to solve the problems and difficulties of other people. Some of the problems she solve was to help a stuck jeepney get off the mud.

She also rescued a girl that almost fall from the ferries wheel and stop the illegal fishers from destroying the ocean by using dynamites to catch fish. After her training, Dong pagong instructed her to get the magical pearl and bring it to their land to prevent the giant octopus from finding it in the ocean. Kikay transforms into Super K and dive into the ocean to get the magical pearl.

She easily found the magical pearl but she was also seen by the giant octopus and followed her into the land.

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When Super K noticed that the giant octopus followed her, she immediately dug a hole to hide the magical pearl but she forgot to bury it. Super K and the giant octopus fight each other. Super K almost defeated the giant octopus but she was easily beaten because the giant octopus fired a black ink on her face and temporarily blinded her giving the octopus time to escape w/ the magical pearl. Super K’s brother was also kidnapped by the giant octopus while she was temporarily blinded.

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The next morning, Dong pagong told Kikay that she must get the magical pearl from the giant octopus to prevent the fishes from dying.

Kikay transformed into Super K again to find the giant octopus and get the magical pearl and also to rescue her younger brother. Horje (the scientist who created the giant octopus) eliminated the giant octopus because he thinks that the giant octopus may be a barricade on his plans (he plans to sell the magical pearl to foreigners for 100,000 million pesos) Super K heard the gun shot that was fired from Horje’s gun. She thought that shot her younger brother but later on found out that Horje killed the giant octopus and not her younger brother.

After letting her younger brother escaped, she chased Horje until she cornered him. They fought fiercely until she have beaten Horje and get the magical pearl. Super K go back on their town and returned the magical pearl into the ocean. After the returning the magical pearl, the ocean became clean again and all the fishes were happy and thanking Super K for saving them. Dong pagong did not take back the power that she has given to Kikay because he knows that Kikay will use her powers to help humans.

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