Sunny And Breezy Day

Were talking about what a human being can learn from life, by and by our subject changed to the tough things in our lives. People in our group were from different backgrounds and an age range which was a situation I like to be in because even our fingers to our world, everything created with this basic rule. Whenever there is a chance to look around the differences will be waiting for us to be discovered. Even the walls around the room was adorned with different colors, I think it was much more like a tye-dye t-shirt feeling.

While I was busy with observing the room, the young lady who was sharing the comfy couch with me started talking about the experiences she had in her school for a while ago.

Like most of the teachers, she was also tending to like teaching. But the detail in her conversation made me laugh at the top of my lungs which was not about her being a fresh teacher but what she faced in the school.

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Actually the state law she talked about wasn`t funny itself but the coincidence we witnessed made it funny to me. Before her story one of the guys said that the U.S. at least has a well-functioning democracy but one of our academician friends stopped him and told him that it`s not true. After couple of minutes our young and fresh teacher friend said that once she wanted to teach Spanish at her school but the principal didn’t let her because of the reason that she was not a Spanish teacher but according to he it was about the school’s budget.

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After then that, she made some researches and kept asking to work free and teacher her kids Mexican history too, as she said. But they didn’t let her do it because of the fact that it wasn’t legal o teach Mexican history to the kids who are Mexican-Americans. Due to the HB22819SB1070 at the same time) Arizona state laws prohibit Mexican-American studies curricula “encourages” resentment of white people, which means Hispanic people are not allowed to learn their own history! Some sort of people might say that Hispanics already know their own history by their predecessors but how much they know? Maybe the city their grandparents coming from, or why they suffered a lot but no more. It is a human right to learn our own history and school is the most appropriate place for this purpose. What is going to happen then?

Are white people really scared that someday Hispanic people will learn their history and take over the whole of Arizona? No they really don’t scared of anything. My host mom is an Irish-German descendant white person and said that according to the reaches the Hispanic people will be the majority in Arizona by 2050 and she was happy with that and wasn’t scared at all! But due to the politicians, it’s doomsday! Let’s put a bookmark to this day, I’m telling that with those types of amendments that research will fail! There is no other way. Why? The reason why is those politicians who passed that law will do more than stopping Hispanic people taking their education about their heritage in the school. A living example about this particular subject could be Navajo nation. The map of ethnicity in early 1850s-1900s shows that all Arizona was full of different Native Americans but where they are ? They are trapped in Kayenta and places to the Northwest of Arizona in the middle of nowhere.

Hundred years ago the place we live had the same problem but the politicians solved it very well(!) Boarding schools, immigration acts, missionaries have done their best. Now that poor nation lives very far in the desert. Nobody cares what they are doing, how they are living as long as they are the minority and can’t talk their own language, can’t know their own history. “Yeah, they can speak whatever they want or learn” I’m sorry dude, it’s too late. Those people have cowboy haats, big monster trucks, working in McDonald’s so it’s too late. I’m pretty sure people are going to say that Hispanics can do whatever they want but when? Hundred years after, where? Apparently middle of deser, maybe Northeast Arizona is a good place to immigrate, isn’t it ?

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