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Computers available at their disposal, those not meet the so called “standard computerized hospital.” The compound of the Hospital is enticing especially the lawns, building structure and location of the Nursing Training College. Quality food is given to the patients on sick bed with good health care delivery. Marketing of shoes, perfumes, ladies tops etc is done by some staffs, and feeding is...

A Raisin in the Sun

A Raisin in the Sun is a story of the Younger Family dealing with racial problems in Chicago slums. Ten thousand dollars arrives in the mail and Lena has to decide what to do with it. Bennie wants it for tuition money, Walter wants it for down payment for the liqueur store and Ruth just wants everyone to be happy. So there is three major events happening: (1) Lena decides to buy a house in a white...

Walter Lee from "A Raisin in the Sun"

Walter Lee is a man who is confused in the beginning and believes to some extent that money is everything and has all power. The family supports Walter Lee but at times get mad at him because they don’t understand why money has to be everything. Walter’s dream has been to have money and take care of his family. He finally understands in the end that his family is the most important thing there...

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Romeo and Juliet "The Balcony Scene" Worksheet


Descriptive Beach Trip

Everything about it is blissful. It was time to go, I picked up my bag, shook off my blanket and started to walk back towards the car. Started to walk back towards reality and further away from the worlds sweetest escape “At the beach, life is different. A day moves not from hour to hour but leaps from mood to moment. We go with the currents, plan around the tides, follow the sun. We measure hap...

The Relationship between Man and Nature in William Wordsworth’s poems

The houses were not overhung by their cloud of smoke & they were spread out endlessly, yet the sun shone so brightly with such a pure light that there was even something like the purity of one of nature's own grand Spectacles’, this was inspiration for this poem because on a day Wordsworth would have found himself in a different type of setting. He would have found London crowded with people...

Sun Microsystems

Independently of the underlying Sun Microsystems' market value, the goal of both Oracle and IBM is to gain competitive advantage on every bid, making sure they don’t pay more than the synergies created with that acquisition. However, even if the competing bidder appears, Oracle will pay $27,52 per share maximum which is the value of Sun Microsystems' Synergies plus the current price given in the...

Reflection on "A Thousand Splendid Suns"

"Real" is definitely not the only feeling I have after reading it, the most overwhelming one must be "hopeful". Hosseini has never intended to depress anyone since the very first beginning when he wrote down the title of book - "A thousand splendid suns". Though the walls may seemed to be ashen and rough, I can still see the thousand splendid suns hide behind the walls. This is exactly the motto, ...

Little Miss Sunshine Family Assessment

When questioning the family, concerns would be whether or not Frank is still at risk of suicide? Has Frank identified the immediate problem that is causing excessive stress? He is suffering from a broken heart and due to that he is losing everything else around him because the man before is overshadowing his family, his goals, and his future. Has Frank identified any strengths that he still has? T...

Descriptive essay day at the beach

The smell of the salty air tickled my nose as I took in a breath of fresh air, taking my own anxiety away on the calming breeze that gently blew past me through the air, making my heart stop for only a brief second. Water splashed everywhere from the children who had flocked to the beach, with the grains of sand so fine, that it could not possibly be seen by the human eye, making those summertime ...

An Evening Walk by the Sea Shore

“The world is too much with us,” in which he mourned the fact that most people had lost the power of appre­ciating the beauty of nature, by giving themselves up to business and worldly pleasure “late and soon, Getting and spending we lay waste our powers.” He ends with this passionate outburst of desire for the old Greek love and reverence for nature. “Great God! I’d rather be A Pagan...

Critical Summary of the Sunrising by John Donne

He says the sun is old and so it should rest because its duty is to warm the world and since they are the world, the sun has completed its duty. Then, the poet cleverly turns the sun’s refusal to leave into a show of its generosity and by shining at them, it has centered itself upon the room of his love and so they are the sun, the center of the universe. The last part of d poem reveals d poets ...

Paleolithic, Neolithic, and Mesolithic Art

The Stonehenge was created as an astrological observatory. It is known for this because of the rising and setting of the sun on the summer and winter solstice that can be seen through the monument. It was also considered to possibly have been used as an astronomical calendar. The significance of this monument is how these people had the mathematical and astronomy knowledge to build this in a way t...

The Beauty of a Sunset

The fact that another may see it carelessly and indifferently makes no difference. It only means that not thus does he perceive God. But, for myself, I know no experience more wholly and deeply religious than when I pass in solitude among deep stream-fed valleys, or over the wide fenland, or through the familiar hamlet, and see the dying day flame and smoulder far down in the west among cloudy pav...

My beach house

We would sit on the rocks till the sun appeared to hide. The shimmer on the water seemed to be singing and dancing to slow music. As the peaceful wind blew i would close my eyes as it sang in my ear, played with my hair and kissed my face. I felt peace, hope and love. Reminiscing on the magical times I spent at the beach house with my family always cause my heart to weep but it was well spent. The...

“A Raisin In A Sun” by Lorraine Hansberry

Her plant will also have a new home and beginning for it may now get more sunlight in its bigger home.In conclusion for all these reasons, A Raisin in the Sun is an ideal work to discuss in terms of the American dream. It shows how the admirable idea that everyone can achieve their ambitions if they work doesn't always stand up in the face of real life, and how people can redeem them as Walter Lee...

An Epic Story: Sundiata

He faces many trials and tribulations along the way but never once does he give into darkness. Never once does he give up and decide he’s done enough. Not until all his people are freed, all debts are paid, and his kingdom is returned does the story end. This is a clear and perfect example of the sense of fate one requires of our epic heroes. Of all the traits of “Sundiata…” the characteri...

Lost in the Desert

Question 6. What did Mark do that increased his chance of burns and what could he have done differently? Mark took his shirt off as the heat intensity rose throughout the day. This exposed his unprotected skin to the sun’s harsh UVA and UVB rays. Not only was Mark not wearing any protection from the sun, but he also failed to wear sunscreen, which would have helped to shield his skin from the su...

Solar Absorbers and the Future of Electricity

These electrons can be used to make electricity. This can power anything, like a toaster, or a TV, or even some cars. Jeff's job as a researcher involves doing lots of experiments. Jeff says that experiments are the heart of science. You have to take your ideas and test them to see if they work or not. “Sometimes the ideas work and sometimes they don't, and that's science in a nutshell,” Jeff ...

The American Dream in “A Raisin In The Sun”

This symbolizes how Walter is embarrassed of this job and how badly he wants to invest in the liquor company to become economically independent. His definition of a man is by measuring his success and ability to provide for his family. Walter goes through with trying to make his business happen by using some of the insurance money Mama had; he ends up losing his money to a con-artist and this is ...

“Those Winter Sundays” VS. “My Papa’s Waltz”

Even though Theodore Roethke and Robert Hayden have a different recollection of a childhood memory about their father, they both appreciate their father’s hard work and time spent together. The narrator in “My Papa’s Waltz,” shows he cherishes “waltzing” with his father by stating, “Still clinging to his shirt.” Theodore Roethke (line 16). This shows that he did not want to let go....

Sunday In the Park - Essay

What they see at home, in the supermarket, on the playground is what they channel out to the world. They think that that is the way to live your life. They think that what their parents do is right, which in most cases are true. In most cases parents try to turn their children into compassionate, sweet creatures who treat people with dignity and respect. But every once in a while some idiot shows ...

Summer Vacation

Finally the trip just started, we went to Dubai mall,( the biggest mall ever!). We did some shopping and ate at This African themed restaurant it was real fun they sang and danced for us and after each sentence they talked with a click. We ordered an ox which sounds weird at first but wait till you taste it, it was amazing! After all that eating we walked the mall at least twice to burn all those ...

My Favourite Place in the World

As I arise from my seat on the balcony, I spot the motorway further right to the deserted land. Memories come back from previous road trips from the past five years. I was always fascinated how you could be driving for miles upon miles with nothing but the view of continuous vineyards. As I gazed out the window onto the country side, the flickering of the sunset through the struts of the fence wou...

A Aay at The Beach

When I looked back I saw parents trying to sweet-talk their kids into the cold water. While coming out from the water I looked up and I saw three people flying Para gliders, which were orange, purple and fluorescent in color. We were finally now out from the water fully clothed again after we were done taking a shower. We went back under the tree where we were taking a nap before to pick up or be...

Literary Analysis of Sunrise over Fallujah

The three major components to writing a historical fiction novel; knowledge of the setting, using aspects from the past, and the believability of the plot is what made Sunrise Over Fallujah a successful novel of this genre. This novel met ends with the criteria to writing a historical fiction novel, which is why it is recommended to readers that enjoy this genre. In the end, Walter Dean Myers put ...

The Importance of Dreams in a Raisin in the Sun

When the entire family starts to put the family’s needs before their own, they realize that the good of the entire family is more important than realizing their own personal goals, and understand the importance of Mama’s dream. Mama’s dream is a key factor in bringing the family together. A new house is exactly what they need to become closer, have a place that they can call their own. Mama...

Horoscopes and Astrology


Analysis of Robert Hayden's poem "Those Winter Sundays"

So, the unseen love of the speaker is not present directly in the poem's text, but can be felt through further analyzation of the poem as one full of regret. Maybe the speaker had not realized this love do to the lack of communication between himself and the father. Line 9, "fearing the chronic angers of that house"(9) makes it seem like the father showed "tough love." His intentions were always g...

"Raisin in the Sun"- Play vs Movie

The strong character of Mama is the idealist in this situation, the one who just wants to better her families situation. The scene goes on to show Walter's digust at his mother's decision but I believe there is more there as well. This decision of Mama's not only goes against his dreams but I believe it shows a glimpse into his psyche. I believe Walter views this decision of Mama's as undermining ...

"The Sun Rising" by John Donne

Conceits are plentiful in this poem by John Donne. One of these conceits is on line 1 where the speaker calls the sun a "Busy old fool" that is "unruly". Donne believes that his bedroom is the whole universe and the sun a rude intruder. The sun, regular in its mover across the sky every twenty-four hours is called "unruly," that is poorly behaved, or without respect for the rules of authority. Her...

Little Miss Sunshine Theme Essay

In conclusion an important Idea in Little Miss Sunshine was displayed through the use of Richard, a main character, coupled with various cinematic techniques such as dialogue, camera angles and costume. This helped to show how initially in the Hoover household a winner was someone who always came first and put their goals before everything else, even family. But gradually as the film progressed th...

Light imagery in Romeo and Juliet

When Juliet is preparing to be married to Paris, and her and the friar devise a plan to help her and Romeo escape to Mantua together, the friar says "and that very night shall Romeo bear the hence to Mantua." (4.1, line 117), and "I'll have this knot knit up tomorrow morning"(4.2, line 24) show once again how Romeo and Juliet are happy at night than they are during the day, because they can escape...

Planet Mercury

Mercury for the most part is a rocky planet along with Earth and Venus. Mercury is made mostly of iron, with a thin rocky layer on it surface. If you look at the model of Mercury, you will see many craters on its surface. The planet has been hit many times throughout its existence by asteroids and other flying objects. Those impacts resulted in a plenty of craters covering its surface. It is belie...

Racism In A Raisin In The Sun

Finally, Beneatha also shows a high sense of pride throughout her character. She makes a few comments proving she is a person with a high sense of pride. Asagai also is quoted for saying "she prides herself on being independent". This proves that she has a high sense of pride since she is a very independent person. She is soo independent that she plans to go to Africa with Asagai. This proves that...

Elements used in Raisin in the Sun

However, without stagecraft, a play cannot be complete. The elements of design produce a world that actors could never create on script alone. In the Playmakers Repertory Company’s production of Raisin in the Sun, the scenic, costume, lighting, and sound design worked cohesively to enhance and develop all aspects of the characters and plot. The provocative themes of escaping poverty, chasing dre...

"Sunday in the Park" by Bel Kaufman

Morton explains to her why he steps away because it would have only brought physical injury but no justice. She is embarrassed at the fact that he did not do anything just to avoid physical injuries. When they are on their way back to their car, their child does not stop crying and Morton gripes at his wife to keep him quiet. Unable to stand Larry's crying, he decides to do it himself. However, as...

"Before the sun" by Charles Mungoshi

We can notice that the poet is describing in each stanza a specific part of the nature around him, the rising of the sun, the smell of the wood, the scatter of the its chips, and its hissing voice. The boy impresses me with the way he looks at his simple life. For most of us, its a struggling life were we have to wake up early and work, but for the boy, its an exciting life with challenges and mak...

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