Summary the kiss by kate chopin Essay

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Summary the kiss by kate chopin

In a room with a dimly condition there Brantain sits in a shadow, he brave himself to stare the handsome girl who sits in front of firelight. The girl calmly stroked his cat and occasionally stared slowly toward brantain with small talk. She knows if braintain love her, she waiting brantain confidently to declare his love and she will certainly accept it. Brantain was enormously rich, although he is unattractive but Nathalie like him because his can give her a wealth.

When they pauses their talk, a young man entered whom Brantain knew quite well. The girl turns to him, and before she can warn him of Brantain’s presence, he gives her a passionate kiss. Brantain rises, as does the girl, and the second man reacts with confusion and amusement, as well as challenge. Nathalie angry at Harvy because he did not knock on the door first, but Harvy provide a reasonable excuse. Brantain felt that he is cheated by Nathalie, but at the end she success make him trust her explanation about Harvy and her. She said that Harvy and her are considers as siblings.

At their wedding, Brantain even allowed Harvy to kiss his bride; because he does not want to interrupt Harvy and Nathalie’s relationship. Knowing about that thing Nathalie was glad but unnfortunately Harvy do not want to kiss Nathalie. He said that kissing women is dangerous, so he decide to stop it. This is very unexpected, even so Nathalie not too bothered by that problem, the most important thing for she is, she will stay with a very rich man who would give she anything.

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