Summary The Dangerous Delusions Of Energy Independence Essay

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Summary The Dangerous Delusions Of Energy Independence

According to one of the passages of “The Dangerous Delusions Of Energy Independence” Robert Bryce (Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum Brief Edition Behrens and Rosen 201-205) America loves the idea of independence. Their symbol is freedom, so they’d like to be as independent as they possibly can especially with the dangers that are involved with imported oil and gas. In 1974 president Richard Nixon had made a promise to America that they would work their way into being an energy independent country in a matter of 6 years.

Every president since Nixon has praised this idea and attempted to accomplish it. Once America can succeeded with this idea, they will become a self sufficient country along with well paid manufacturing jobs that will be created from new energy technologies. Corn and other plants can be turned into billions of barrels of ethanol that will replace oil. With this fundamental process, soldiers will never need to leave the country for foreign oil ever again. Becoming an energy independent country would mean America would have a better thriving economy, a positive balance of trade, and would become a more stronger and better nation.

The vision of becoming an independent country drastically grew after the terrorist attack on September 11th. America doesn’t want to buy oil from terrorists and put extra money into their pockets and fund them for future attacks. All foreign oil and energy is bad in America’s eyes; it’s a danger to the economy, America’s national security, and is a major funding source to terrorists which obviously isn’t very patriotic.

Foreign oil is also a factor to global warming. Oil should be replaced with plants that will produce ethanol which by this; will reduce greenhouse gases. Both democrats and republicans are on board for energy independence. A poll was also given to Americans which proves that the majority of them are also worried about foreign oil.

With America’s obsession with the idea of energy independence, its preventing them from having an honest and effective way to face the challenges of energy problems now. In reality, fossil fuel is more difficult to find and more expensive to produce, alternative renewable energy such as ethanol will make minor contributions, but not enough to supply the large
needs to America and to source the different fuels and gas. To conclude, this energy independent country idea is impossible to obtain. America needs to accept reality and continue to supply themselves with energy producing countries. Not even the unlimited amount of ethanol can replace all the energy America needs with imported fuels. America relies on imported goods to produce their energy, there just wouldn’t be enough alternative energy to supply America mass needs for energy.

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