Summary of Story Essay

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Summary of Story

* A man of God, who went through the ups and downs of life, who walked through the valley and the shadow of death by choosing to ignore what God wants for him. He spent his early childhood as one who fears God, but as he grew old, he wandered away and chose a different path. As a teen, he had done nasty things and as he grew older, he became worse. He started doing bigger criminal works, even started using and dealing drugs. He was caught a couple of times, went in and out of prison, and still chooses to do bad things.

But then came a night, when he double crossed one of his fellow drug dealers, he knew that they would come to seek and kill him for what he has done to them. As he tries to hide, avoid what’s coming, he turned to God. He asked God to save him, and if God would give him this favor, he will give his life to Him by coming back and serving Him. Henry’s story is somewhat alike to the story in the bible “The prodigal son”, for he chose to go away but later comes back for mercy and acceptance. We all make mistakes in our lives, but it’s never too late to ask God for forgiveness. God doesn’t look at a clock and counts how long a person has taken to ask for forgiveness. God is always more than willing to accept someone who seeks to be forgiven and guided through his life.

Favorite line:

“Faith is about doing, you are how you act and not just how you believe…” * Albert Lewis

Faith is something that we may all believe. Even though it varies in form, process, rituals or language, it is always present anytime anywhere. Faith can be defined in many ways than one, but what’s important is how a person believes in it and lives with it. You can say you have faith but you cannot be called faithful unless you practice what you preach.

Believing is not enough if you don’t fully understand what you believe in. Likewise, if you only believe in faith but you don’t give it as much importance as you give to other things, then it will be not more than just a word.

As the saying goes, “actions speak louder than words”, so if you know how to embody and practice the faith you believe, then that defines that you are what you believe.

Morale of the story:

“Mistakes are ever present in our lives. But it’s our choice to do what is right and what is wrong. Life is full of challenges that may affect us in many ways. It’s always up to us to coupe up with life and face everything it has in stored for us…”

In the story have a little faith; there are some citations that indicate some character that have committed something that was far from what is accepted. Here are some examples; the first one would be about Albert Lewis. It happened when he was studying to be ordained as a Rabbi, he failed to pass so he chose to stop and not to continue anymore. But then he came to know a boy who was so insubordinate and impolite. He tried his best to talk to the boy, loosen him so as for him to be understood. After a couple of days, the boy came home as a changed child. And with this, the boy’s family was so thankful for what Albert has done, and in coincidence the boy’s father was a pastor. The father convinced Albert to try again if he really wanted to be ordained as a pastor. Giving up for what you want will only lead to grief and unsatisfactory with one’s self.

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