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Summary of Shutter Island Movie

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This movie was confusing from the beginning, Edward Teddy Daniels a previous World War II veteran whom suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome and constantly has flashbacks. Shutter Island follows U.S. Marshall Daniels and his partners Chuck Aule while the investigate the disappearance mental patient from Ashecliffe Hospital for the Criminal Insane. Teddy requested the assignment for personal reasons. But he wonders was he hasn’t been brought to the island and conspiracy. Fire is an symbol for Teddy whole existence every time Teddy is around (ex.

The matches he lights in Ward C) the fire in the cave with Dr. Solando and when he starts an fire and blows up Dr. Crawley’s car.

He constantly played with fire that burnt down his own apartment killing four people one of which was his own wife Dolores Chanal. He has produced this whole conspiracy theory that somehow the government has begun doing experimental testing on patients at the asylum. In reality Teddy has been declared insane and was sent to Shutters Island.

Upon arriving at the institution. Teddy is the subject of the experiment; the doctors attempt to have Teddy regain his life back.

Dr. Crawley and Dr. Sheehan began implanting false memories into Teddy’s mind. Teddy is delusional claims that he is an U.S. Marshall to justify his own presence. Dr. Crawley who invented Racheal Solando for him to discover what happen to the 67 patient which is actually Edward (Teddy) Daniels. Teddy’s partner who is really Dr.

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Sheehan is in on the experiment he tries to steer Teddy in right direction. He encourages Teddy to continue the hunt he tries to push fear on Teddy by even taking him to an Mausoleum.

And he is always playing with Teddy whether its real or delusional He even gives Teddy an admission form that says it’s really 67 patients at the
asylum so Teddy’s Feel that he has to find Racheal whom is supposedly escaped which she really turns out to be a nurse whom has treated Teddy while he has been a patient at Ashecliffe Hospital. While on the hunt for the missing patient Teddy encounters different obstacles. Dr. Crawley and Dr. Sheehan are is slowly taking Teddy off his meds so he starting to feel body tremors and withdrawals.

Sheehan and Crawley began to monitor his doses for the role playing experiment in the film Teddy begins to have more vivid hallucinations while he’s awake his meds are meant to suppress all types of psychosis not to trigger more going off the meds make Teddy really unsteady. When Teddy reaches the lighthouse he is confused and is starting to second guess everything that he has been going through. He has developed his own explanation. Though it was an complete delusional fantasy. At this point the experiment is judged to have failed or succeeded , If Teddy accepts this fabricated account that the Drs. Have succeeded in attempting to implant a false memory. Teddy has been through this before and realizes that there is no way out Shutter Island Teddy struggles with being Lobotomize but reconsiders and decides that lobotomy would be better than chasing Andrew Laeddis for the rest of his life he figure they’ll just try to keep forcing the Lake House, Racheal Solando, and the other delusions he was having over and over again. Teddy made the choice to take the lobotomy and thus die a good man.

“It is better to live as a monster or die a good man”. He refuses to accept the reality that he was just a an maintenance man who love to play with fire whose wife died because of this, and is stuck in a delusion in which he is Teddy Daniels an U.S. Marshall hunting down a suspected killer Andrew Laeddis an false identity other than a man that killed his wife. Throughout the entire movie the audience is caught up in the Teddy story thinking that he is actually sent to the island to find a suspected escapee. Even his flashbacks trigger the watcher to think Teddy has really had a hard life losing his children, killing his beloved wife whom the audience thought she actually killed the children which causing Teddy is become an alcoholic. Unbeknown to the watcher Teddy is playing the role of a functioning adult whose is trying desperately trying to figure up what is really happening on Shutter Island.

The Drs. are trying so hard to get a major breakthrough with medicine by giving the opportunity to reenact his own fabricated story. The viewer is rooting for Teddy only to realize he is leading them a on wild goose hunt because in fact he is insane and can’t grasp the concept on reality what’s real, fake, makeup, or just plain lunacy. One question are there two possible endings were Teddy and Andrew possibly real was Teddy really married was a government it coverup did Teddy knows too much about the Nazis and espionage? This moving was scaring at the same time interesting because it is an movie one would possibly have to see more than once to get an complete understanding.

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