Summary of Sa Pula Sa Puti Essay

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Summary of Sa Pula Sa Puti

Pula, Sa Puti (For the Red Rooster, For the White Rooster) is a play in one act, written by Francisco “Soc” Rodrigo. It was first staged on 10 Sept. 1939 by the University of the Philippines Dramatic Club at the Manila Metropolitan Theater. Originally, this was written by Rodrigo in English for his class in dramatics under Jean Garrot Edades at the University of Santo Thomas. It has been expanded and revised by Rodrigo and he subsequently translated it in Tagalog. It has also been published in Short Plays of the Philippines, Manila: Robert S. Hendry, 1950, by Jean Edades.

One morning Kulas greeted his wife a pleasant morning but Celing answered dryly. She was jealous and envious about Kulas’s fighting cocks for they were the first thought of Kulas every morning. Kulas explained that he only cared for the cocks for their own good. Celing didn’t believe anymore on Kulas reasons for he was always defeated by his opponent.

Kulas always believed on his dream and thought that those dreams had signs that he would win the fight. Celing narrated all the dreams that Kulas told her but he didn’t win. She was already sick with Kulas’ reasons. He asked if he could give her money to spend for the cockfight. Kulas heard the shout of people from the cockfight and he was really eager to get the money. Celing had nothing to do but give him money and Kulas went the out the house hurriedly.

Teban commanded Celing to bet on Kulas’s opponent. This is her way to get the money of Kulas spent in the sabong for Kulas was always a loser. Celing was right; Kulas went home defeated by his opponent. He promised never to bet again.

Castor taught Kulas some techniques how to win a fight in a way of cheating when Celing was out in the market. He will bet on his opponent’s cock! Kulas went to the fight and bet but this time he staked at his opponent’s cock. Kulas was disappointed after the fight because his cock won. He went home and his wife asked him the money for his cock won he said he lost the fight for he bet on the opponent’s side. Celing was astonished and confessed her secret that every time Kulas go to fight she bet on his opponent. They have a good dinner at that time for the cocks left were made adobo. .

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