Summary of learning Essay

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Summary of learning

During the On-the-Job-Training, I have experienced many great things which I know I cannot learn in school. I am lucky to have Royal Travels Inc. as my host company because they let me apply what I know and they enrich it more by teaching me new things and making me experience it. I learn on how to cut the ELECTRONIC TICKETS and AGENT COUPON. I also learn on how to arrange it by number and on where you can find the important details of it.

Our supervisor assigned me at the ticketing area so they let me experience the working process inside the ticketing department. I also learn on how to work inside the accounting department by helping and doing some transactions like depositing to the bank also paper works that they file once they finish it. I learned how to work and move fast with quality service. I also learned how to manage my time in order to make the duties and responsibilities organized, how to follow certain rules and regulations of the company. I was assigned at the reservation area where I encountered many people with different attitudes.

I learned how to communicate with them by the use of telephone and in actual, answer their questions and help them whenever they need my help. In the reservation area, I’m one of the reservations who are responsible for callers to communicate and give some words. I entertain their questions and give some information for the package that they had chosen. I learned how to bond with all the employees of the Travel Agency staffs. We are like a big family helping each other in order to finish a very stressful day and finalized the bookings of the customers.

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