Summary of Inturnship Experience Essay

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Summary of Inturnship Experience

There are many approaches, strategies, techniques, methods, or styles floating in the internship atmosphere but there is no such thing as perfect approach, perfect strategy, perfect method, perfect technique, or perfect style because at the end of the day it is all about how the intern delivers his skills and how they cater pressure. In my 31 days of internship I have learned that everything should start on a plan, I started with the visualization on how I will make my task easier yet efficient without jeopardizing the quality of service our Hotel renders.

In my experience while I am doing my plan, I was so puzzled with what I should do first, my mentor made me realize that the guest’s needs must come first because they are the most important factor in the hotel and restaurant management. I was able to gain experience at a job that I potentially had interest in. I learned about the hospitality field and if it was right for me. Along with the work experience, I also had to write an essay about my experience and keep a daily log.

This experience helped shaped who I am now at the end of my college career as I feel more comfortable with working with people in different settings. For my internship experience I worked at Casablanca Hotel and Condominium in Freeport Subic. It was a long couple weeks before I finally found the right hotel to perform my internship at. The mangers and other employees at Casablanca were welcoming and helpful while I worked with them.

I learned all major front desk duties of working at a hotel as well as other various aspects such as walking around the hotel and making sure everything was running smoothly. I never realized how everything done in a hotel actually goes through the front desk and because of this I was always busy doing something to help improve the hotel into a better experience for future guests. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience helping guests make reservations, check in, and check out of the hotel. My job was to be welcoming and helpful toward each guest in any way possible.

During my 31 days I was able to gain practical experience under professional supervision while implementing classroom experiences and theories that i have acquire during my early years in college. I also develop the ability to work with people, both individually and as part of a group while comparing our theories and concepts learned in the classroom and related real life experiences. I also tested my own personal skills and competencies to be able to become familiar with routine procedures and responsibilities of the agency.

I seek for experience opportunities to learn, observe, and practice a variety of administrative experiences for me to evaluate myself in relation to the field, and in relation to my professional preparation in addition to this I have establish realistic goals for professional growth and development moreover establish career goals and objectives upon conclusion of the Internship experience. This experience will help me finish my degree in many aspects by working at the hotel I learned the major keys in running a hotel.

I also worked with many guests and customers and in doing so I was able to work on my communication skills. Being a business major and wanting to get into sales or other customer service jobs after I graduate I know I am going to need great communication skills as I will be interacting with people whether in meetings or helping out guests. After my internship was over I feel more relaxed in interacting with others and feel more ready to finish my degree and more engaged to working in the business world.

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