Summary of HIV Movie Essay

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Summary of HIV Movie

The story unfolds through a documentary on HIV which visual designer and young filmmaker Gil Bustamante (Jake Cuenca) is shooting, a job assigned to him by the Department of Health. In the process, he discovers so much about HIV/AIDS. Heidi (Ma. Isabel Lopez) contracted the virus from her philandering OFW husband who died three years ago; Ivy (Iza Calzado), a call center agent who was two years fresh from graduation when she applies for a job abroad and is discovered to have also contracted the virus. Vanessa (IC Mendoza) on the other hand, is a young cheery gay who’s a stand-up comedian and who engages in different sexual pleasures.

He, with the support of his parents, is willing and eager to tell his story. Heidi, being an innocent victim, decides to tell her story in the hope that by coming out, less people will contract the virus. Ivy suspected she got the virus during their graduation party when everybody was intoxicated and drugged. She never had sex with anyone except her boyfriend, who luckily was HIV-negative. Vanessa continues his stint as an entertainer, and continues to have sex with different men until finally he was nabbed and almost got killed by a group of men he had sex with.

The many ways the virus is contracted are depicted in the movie and as it is shown in the documentary which Gil was obsessed in finishing for his own reasons, even if his key subjects have either died or blacked-out. He realizes that the fight against HIV/AIDS is not solely the responsibility of the government – it is a fight that demands responsible action from every individual.

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