Summary: Improving Wikipedia’s Credibility Essay

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Summary: Improving Wikipedia’s Credibility

This paper presents a summery of the article “Improving Wikipedia’s Credibility: References and Citations in a Sample of History Articles” by Brendan Luyt and Daniel Tan. The author has made an attempt to assess the credibility of the references and citations that different Wikipedia writers use to prove their claims. It has been found that most of the evidences presented in their articles are left unconfirmed and unverified while most of those which are verified are not withdrawn from the reliable sources.

The sources from where the references and citation are taken out are believed to be a few US government websites, media sources and academic journals. Hence, the authors usually do not hold to the site’s policy to verify evidences through references and citations from dependable source. The above results draw attention to two responses: Firstly, Wikipedia is an inappropriate option to be used for important reference works. Secondly, keeping aside the technological concerns the mentioned website can be seen as a “product of a wider social context” where there are hurdles faced to access the knowledge.

Knowledge has become a product which can only be accessed through payment, hence it is assumed that the knowledge is an article of trade, and that the texts are actually undistinguished carriers of knowledge. However the instructional programmers can counteract this assumption by emphasizing on the social nature of text and hence in turn consciously aware the coming generations of Wikipedia and its users of the need to assess texts and citations in the social framework of their creation and use.

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