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Summarizing and Presenting Essay

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The Ballard Integrated Managed Services (BIMS) their main office is in New York City that provides housekeeping and food service to different corporations and institutions throughout the country. BIMS main focus is their core competencies with contracts along with large organizations. They also provide lease support to outside vendors. BIMS clientele consist of 22 fortune 100 companies, 100 average firms, 16 high ranking universities, 14 medical centers, and three large airports. With a large company such as BIMS handling large contracts they have found some major issues with a high turnover rates and employee moral with one of their companies.

As, the leading manager Barbara Tucker’s is in charge of three divisions at this site. She was concerned about the companies major issues that seem to be declining in the past several months. She wanted to find out why staff moral was low and why the company turnover rate was higher than usual. The information received from exit interviews did not show any information of what was causing the problem.

So together with her department heads and supervisors they decided the problem was employee morale, but they were still undecided on why this was happening. She noticed that BIMS has a high turnover rate of 55% to 60% with this company.

However, within the past four month the rate is continuously climbing and has reached 64%. This has created an increase in cost to replace workers and it shows that they are also leaving without giving a reason why. Barbara Tucker has also noticed an increase in employee’s using sick time and an increase in workers wasting time during work hours. BIMS are getting an increase in complaints from hospital administration because of poor work performance from employee’s. Barbara Tucker decided ti discuss the issues with the three division managers and the HRM departments. The conclusion was a suggestion of surveying all the employee’s to find the main cause of the decrease in their morale. She asked Debbie Horner the HR manager to lead this project at the site and to apply some research ideas that she learned while completing her MBA. Debbie Horner used what she learned from school to create an employee survey instrument (e=Exhibit A).

Using the scale provided, record your answer by circling the number that is closest to your view where 5 is a very positive response and 1 is a very negative choice.

Very Negative Very Positive

1.How well do you enjoy working for BIMS?

2.You enjoy your assigned shift.

3.Your request for your desired shift was fulfilled.

4.How many times have you called in sick in the last month?

5.You are well trained for your work.

6.You are paid fairly for the work you do.

7.Your supervisor treats you fairly.

8.Your supervisor’s boss treats your division fairly.

9.The company is good at communicating.

10.You do not fear that you will lose your job.

1.In which division do you work?

2.How long have you worked for BIMS?

3.What is your gender?

4.Are you a manager or supervisor?

Food: _ Housekeeping: _ Maintenance: _

Years: _____ Months: _____

Female: _____ Male: _____

Yes: _____ No: _____
The survey is not a requirement only voluntary and anonymous. All 449 employees except top management will receive this survey within their biweekly payroll checks guaranteeing each employee has received one. The Data the was entered is shown below in a table form from the responses and received by employee’s in (Exhibit B). Exhibit B

Types of Data
Debbie Horner decided to use quantitative and qualitative to collect data. Quantitative variable has two kinds of variables, and they usually are reported numerically. Discrete is one of the variable, which can only assume certain values, and they have gapes between the values. A continuous variable can assume any value within a specified range. A qualitative variable is categorical or non-numeric. Usually people are interested in the number of percent of the observations in each category. Qualitative data is usually summarized in graphs and bar charts (Lind, Marchal, & Wathen, 2011). A questionnaire was placed in the payroll checks for two pay periods, and the employees were asked to return them to her. There are two types of primary research: quantitative data collection and qualitative data collection. Quantitative data collected is based on numbers. For example collecting data related to peoples age or income. The information collected can be analyzed after the collection using various statistical techniques. This analysis helps the researcher create meaningful patterns and take a deeper dive into the data. The most important use of quantitative data is in hypothesis testing and can help researchers in reaching conclusions. The main methods used to collect quantitative information are using questionnaires that require input of the user’s response. The survey can be distributed using different means, such as mail, phone, website, etc.

Qualitative data can be collected using personal interviews, focus groups, and observations carried out for the purpose of research. Although personal interviews can help researchers dig into greater details, they are time consuming and expensive. The best way to find the cause of the problem is to do a survey and calculate the response so the company can fix the current or ongoing problems. The measures of the central tendency is shown in (Exhibit C) as the mean after calculating the data. It can show the main location of the middle or center of a data set. The measures can be the mean, mode, and median. The mean is used the most and it can be calculated by adding all of the numbers and then divide the numbers of numbers to get the sum, which will be the mean. The mode is only the value that occurs frequently within the set of data such as, 1, 2, 3, 3, 5, 6, 7, 7 the mode would be 7, 7 and 3, 3 in a data set. The median is a number presented in the middle when there are numbers in a set of data that are in ascending or descending order. Exhibit C

Employee’s were asked how well do they enjoy working for BIMS and the rating was lower than expected only 27.3% liked working with the company. My recommendation for the company would be to implement incentives for employee’s. According to Frenz (1999-2013), “Companies can use incentives to focus the employees on specific areas, targeting important motivational points” (2). The company can also provide a bonus for completing and performance in the employee’s work. This will stop some of the complaints of poor performance in the employee’s work habits. Another suggestion is the company can also implement a complaint and idea box for employee’s to input his or her ideas or problems with the company or management.

Gallup. (2008). Turning Around Employee Turnover. Retrieved from http://businessjournal.gallup.com/content/106912/turning-around-your-turnover-problem.aspx University of Phoenix Material:University of Phoenix Material: Ballard Integrated Managed Services, Inc., Part 1 Statistical Techniques in Business and Economics, Thirteenth Edition, Lind, Marchal and Wathen, McGraw-Hill/Irwin. ISBN 978-0-07-303022-7

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