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ACC is proud to announce that the prestigious Sumant Moolgaokar Technical Institute at Kymore has completed 50 years while simultaneously marking a new beginning for the institute as it reopens with a fresh mandate and a whole new educational curriculum. The Kymore Engineering Institute was established in 1957, with the aim to train young men in specialized trades to become artisans, foreman and first line supervisors to meet the needs of the company. Kymore is located in Katni district of Madhya Pradesh.

KEI was later renamed as Sumant Moolgaokar Technical Institute in honour of its founder the late Dr Moolgaokar.

SMTI has had a distinguished track record of producing more than 3000 Artisans and Foreman trainees who have put in valuable service in ACC and other cement plants in India and abroad. Training at SMTI was respected and valued as being superior to that provided at various Industrial Training Institutes in the country. A certificate from SMTI was respected in industry and often assured ready placement.

Most of the alumni comprised children of employees, workers and members of the local community around ACC’s cement plants. SMTI’s fresh batch is made up of 80 students who are all ITI qualified. The new course at SMTI aims to complement the education provided at ITI’s. Students will receive specialized technical education to develop them to occupy technical and supervisory positions in Electrical, Instrumentation, Diesel and Fitting trades in cement plants. The course duration is one Year at the institute and six months of on-the-job training at any one of the cement plants.

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The curriculum has been updated to incorporate technological advancements made by the Indian cement industry in recent years. The faculty comprises engineers with considerable experience in ACC’s cement plants or in the field of technical education. Presiding at a commemoration and relaunch ceremony, Sumit Banerjee, Managing Director, said “Training is integral to our organizational vision. The reopening of this institute is only one instance of the many steps ACC is taking in this direction.

We are giving special thrust to people development, learning, sharing of knowledge and best practices and learning. ” The company plans to spend over Rs 8 crores on various education, training and knowledge management initiatives including Rs 2 crores earmarked for SMTI. The programmes at the Regional Training Centre in Jamul, Chattisgarh are being redesigned completely so as to offer professional technical courses of relevance to manufacturing sectors such as cement. A state-of-the-art Learning Centre is coming up at ACC’s Thane complex.

ACC also proposes to partner with Government and industry associations to upgrade some ITI’s located near its plants. Dr Rajen Mehrotra has joined ACC recently as its Chief Knowledge Officer to help steer the company’s knowledge agenda within and beyond the company. Dr Mehrotra has had considerable experience in industry and as an academician. Prior to joining ACC, he was with the United Nations-International Labour Organisation as Senior Specialist on Employers’ Activity for South Asia.

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