Suicide prevention Essay

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Suicide prevention

The objective of this lesson would be to develop awareness among the veterans about suicide prevention and to make them realize that there are other ways out of situation. The lesson will also try to instruct veterans on suicide prevention by highlighting the importance of incorporation of mental health plan. These plans will not only reduce the current level of suicide but will also help the veterans to live a happy and depression free life again

The identification of risk factors and prevention factors will play an important role in the prevention lessons. Risk factors are normally the factors which lead towards the act of suicide. They normally act in collaboration of each other. Risk factor might include older age, diminished psycho-social support, availability and knowledge of guns and associated mental illness. Prevention factors act anti risk factors. These include family support, clinical help and problem solving skills etc.


The methodology will include lecture based on the topic mentioned in the objective. A brief highlight into the topics mentioned above will help set the background or the lesson. It might also include small group activity including the discussion among the participants regarding the issues faced after they came back from the war. These groups will be monitored by the instructor which will comment and bring along the suicide prevention topic by hammering the negative aspects of it.


The instructor might use stories by veterans who were very close to suicide and are now leading a healthy life. The material might also include video testimonial of someone veterans can relate to which will effectively communicate the prevention idea. A video testimony of a doctor regarding help on mental health issues might also be used. Exercises to gauge how much medical help a particular veteran needs may also be used


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