Suicide: Meaning of Life and Dignity Essay

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Suicide: Meaning of Life and Dignity

Introduction “One should die proudly when it is no longer possibly to live proudly. ” Friedrich Nietzche said. I have two understanding about his statement. “Go to the hell,coward. ” or “Live in the eternal glory if you dare” And I prefer the later one, thus meaning that, to certain extent, suicide is the behavior of a coward. However it is not easy to simply define the action of committing a suicide. It could be said that there is a kind of suicide with the dignity existing. But is that kind of dignity ultimate?

Is it better to die fighting till the last minute rather than to kill himself. Yes. Body Then, to what extent and why, is suicide the behavior of a coward? To the ignorance extent, and only stopping at the ignorance. Has everyone suffered the agony of the longing for killing himself and the fear of the idea? Everyone with thoughts has to suffer from the outcome of these thoughts. The sensitiveness is touched by the hand of the uncertain time by time. The soul feels helpless, which is all the common situation for all of us.

Even the process for writing this paper could be a period of tough time for me, which is the negative nature of human beings. Once the tough time piles up, one is not able to hold all. He wants to suicide, that is the nonsense. Because life is the glister with glory and proud, but the mistreatment from the life is not. If one is simply to die for the sad thought and worrying trifles, he is far more than stupid. Suicide to him is to be a wast of life and the others’ feelings.

Suicide to this kind of people who see the fragileness and helplessness only is not an end but the beginning of “pure foolishness” as Nietzche said. The suffering and agony are not going to be eliminated but to be enjoyed, tested and challenged. Escaping from the painstaking life by doing nothing but the distruction of the life self is wrong and a betrayal to the Mother nature. And, to what extent, is suicide the acceptable way to end the life? When one has practise the meaning of his life and totally understand the glory of his own. The bravery is to kill the stumbling block on the life way while killing oneself. Hemingway is one of the examples to elaborate this bravery.

One tried everything to complete his philosophy of his existence, and even dare to kill the thing getting in his way which to him is the fragmentary memory, the death of his inner world because of the electroshock therapy for his bad health with on hesitate at all to keep the philosophy of his, he did not choose the way killing himself to release but to fight the lethal obstacle so as to accomplish the end of the life with his dignity. I would like to propose audaciously that this kind of killing is not so-called suicide.

It is to perish with the emasculation together. Why is there suicide? I did not talk about the coward afore. I talk about that the great man could choose a different way to die to end the life as well as the emasculation and achieve the top glory of the ultimate life that is to keep his dignity as eternal. So, why is there suicide? Human should never yield fate. We do not follow the fate, we create it and once the fate turns bad, we create another. Human lead the living while keep fighting with the living.

Back to the first passage, the best way to live actually is not to suicide once you can not live proudly, but to live for fighting, then to keep the proudness. We never give up the life self unless we have to die because of the dignity but definitely not to suicide easily, not to admit defeat, not to donate the life of self to the emasculation. To commit the suicide is just the end of the proudness and the end of pursuing for the dignity but to die is to conquer the emasculation with price of the life which is to die proudly meanwhile to live proudly.


Like the mind of helping others for seeking the benefits is not the real kindness but with utilitarianism. The true kindness should be the natural action without trend of thought. Fighting the life, creating the life as staking one’s all including the life self never with the thought to suicide the life then release is the heroism indeed. To be the man standing high above all the masses and contain the universe. Shot the nihility of the mundane. Then it is the carefree time for you with the spirit to live or die proudly in the Ether, which are all the same.

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