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Suggested Marketing Communications Plan Format (Sostac Model Case Study)

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Case study, Pages 3 (518 words)



Case study, Pages 3 (518 words)

(What information goes into a marketing communications plan? ) William Ang’awa 2009 (adapted from various sources).

Title Page* – (This should be professional in appearance and packaged appropriately, it should be clear what the report is about and who it is from/who wrote it. It should have your campaign name or strapline).

Executive Summary* – Presents a brief overview of the proposed plan. The marketing communications plan should open with a brief summary of the plan’s main goals and recommendations. It should wet the appetite of those who may read it!

E. g senior management or colleagues who will implement your proposal. It should assist them to grasp (within one minute) the overall plan’s thrust/direction. It is similar to an abstract written for an essay or academic paper or final year project. This should not be more than one A4 page long!

Acknowledgements* – (This is a useful exercise for your final year/placement project. So why not develop this good practice now? ).

You can thank God, mummy, dad, ”significant others”, tutors, marketing communications company, of course the lovely library staff!.

Don’t forget friends who helped you when the “chips were low” or anyone who inspired you! Please no Oscar speeches! Check with the client and organisation re: relevance.

Table of contents*, Glossary of terms, Table of Illustrations– This should follow the executive summary. It should identify where one can find the information (with page numbers and appropriate sections) contained in the plan. You should also have a table of illustrations and abbreviations.

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We expect you to have appendices and a bibliography.

Introduction – You should introduce your campaign and the marketing challenge and incorporate it into the situational analysis below. Past students have chosen different ways to do this. So look at past assignments and chose the most appropriate one. Situational Analysis (Current marketing situation) – This section presents relevant background data on the market, competitors, distribution, and the macro-environment.

Your source of information should be Athens Database including (Mintel, Keynotes, Euromonitor, Emerald), FT. om, Economic Intelligence Unit, Industry specific sources for example, FIA, Automobile Association, sponsors websites & publications, ABTA, WTTC (World Travel & Tourism Council), Academic journals, books and articles about the industry, empirical research, including your own).

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Opportunity and issue analysis – After summarising the current marketing situation, you should proceed to identify the major opportunities and threats, strengths and weaknesses, and the issues facing the product line or your idea or campaign.

Objectives – Once you have summarised the issues, you should decide on the plan’s CSMART marketing objectives.

You should ensure that you have covered these objectives in the plan. People would want to know the USPs and the brand promise being communicated.

Marketing Communications Strategy – You should outline (briefly) the broad marketing strategy or game plan to accomplish the plan’s objectives. In developing the strategy your should carry out the necessary primary and secondary research. You should state your strategies, first as the traditional 4 P’s and then add you are moving to the 4 Cs (Refer to articles by Fill C, Duncan T)

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