Sugar May Be Killing You Essay

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Sugar May Be Killing You

In “Eating too much added sugar may be killing you”, Nanci Hellmich argues that sugar not only makes you fat, it may be killing you. I completely agree with her stance on the subject. I believe that the food industry has purposefully made products with sugar that they know are addicting just to make money regardless of how it affects the people. I myself most definitely consume too much sugar, I know it to be true. I drink soda like there’s no tomorrow. But, I also drink milk, a lot of it. So at least the calcium deficiency that soda causes is negated by that fact. The American Beverage Associations statement “This is an observational study which cannot and does not show that cardiovascular disease is caused by drink sugar-sweetened beverages” is just what any company would say if something they make or are affiliated with is found out to be dangerous for your health. Deny, deny, deny.

That’s all these big companies do until they can’t anymore, usually that point comes way to slowly unfortunately. I found it interesting that in the third paragraph of Nanci’s paper she discusses how most people in the USA consume much more calories from sugar than they should; and that woman actually should consume less sugar than men. I found this interesting because I didn’t think it would make a difference what gender you were. I mean calories are calories right? Or are they? The calories from sugar are actually empty calories and provide no nutritional benefit whatsoever. It wouldn’t be so bad with all this sugar if that weren’t the case but it is and people need to recognize that it’s more than just the calories you consume, it’s the type of calories as well.

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