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Symphacy to Miss Havisham’s Suffering
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How Far Does the Poet Want Us to Sympathize with Miss Havisham? The poet wants us to sympathized Miss Havisham greatly, but not entirely. Her own trappings of her strong need to revenge and her morbid existence that has destroyed her carries a symbolic meaning of self – absorption and destruction. This poem introduces us to Miss Harvisham’s character, who has become a type of embittered woman who was disappointed in love and enjoys withdrawing from the world. First of…...
The Concept Analysis of Pain
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Pain is the most frequent nursing diagnosis and the most common problem for which patients in the clinical setting seek help (Mobily, Herr, & Kelley, 1993). Pain refers to an unpleasant, distressful and uncomfortable feeling. Several studies have showed that unrelieved pain can affect the quality of life of the individual, cause physical and emotional distress, impact family, as well as increase the costs for health care, the individual, and society (Ferrell, 1995). Thus, pain is a critical problem in…...
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