Suffering soul in scientific age Essay

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Suffering soul in scientific age

As flower needs water and sun shine for blooming, as similar soul needs love of Almighty God? Love of Almighty Allah who is merciful and benevolent is very essential for the gratification of human soul. Soul gets glow in the presence of love and kindness. Blessings of Lord can only be showered on human soul, by adopting the method of simplicity. The concept of simplicity has been vanished in this fast materialistic world. Everyone is running after worldly pleasure. Worldly pleasure creates a sense of dissatisfaction in the soul of men. And men become restless.

Soul can only get complete pleasure in this artificial world by holding the rope of Almighty Allah. Earthly desires remove the main aim of life. Human Soul is very pious and pure. This purity has been facing tremendous challenges in this world. Scientific inventions create barriers in the maintenance of direct relationship with God. Materialism provides strong foundation for scientific inventions. Both are interconnected and intertwined. Soul is pure. It is purest like sparkling Sun. It is cool like blowing wind. It is clean like flowing water.

Spring for soul is spirituality and autumn for soul is worldly desires. Human beings should not go after artificial wishes of this orb. Gap has been generated between Body and soul. Body craves for unnatural pleasure while soul craves for natural pleasure. Both are moving in different directions. Body and soul can only move in one direction by following the path of Almighty Allah. A room without book is like a body without a soul. But In modernized era of scientific innovation and inventions Body demands are quite different from soul. Luxuries are the needs of body.

Wealth and power is the need of human body. They are deviated from the path of God. He has created man for some specific purpose of worship and fulfillment of duties. Unfortunately men are engaged in the collection of treasure of this orb. Souls are suffering in the scientific era because it is trapped in the earthly desires. If souls are chained with the manacles of unnatural wishes it weeps. It creates a sense of turmoil inside the human Soul. Soul is free of boundaries it cannot betrapped. If it trapped in the net of artificial world it bleeds with pain and grief.

Dont chained Souls in the dark room of materialistic world. Human souls are suffering in the scientific world. Scientific inventions bring destruction and turmoil around the whole world. Nuclear bomb, Guns, rifles, and other ammunition claimed the lives of millions guiltless souls. On the one side, scientific invention provides benefits to human body in the shape of luxuries whereas on the other side it gives threat of loss of life. World War 1 and World War 2 were the soul trembling wars. It claimed the lives of millions of blameless people. It happened because of power lust.

Lust for power is the need of body. Body craves power, authority, pleasure, ease and wealth. Human Soul needs s love, sympathy, kindness and peace. It negated the worldly pleasure. Love is the beauty of soul. It is rightly said, “Since love grows within you, so beauty grows. For love is the beauty of the soul. ” As honey bee takes honey from flowers, fish breathes inside water, moth loves fire as similar soul needs affection. It is the diet of soul. Love of God is the source of power for Soul. The entire world has forgotten the basic aim of soul. It basic aim is the remembrance of lord.

Remembrance of lord is the remembrance of humanity in men. It maintains direct coordination with Lord. Soul’s sufferings continue if it is remained in the materialistic and earthly desires. All are vain and futile. Materialism provides strong net of trapping bodies into the circle of scientific era. They are beneficial on one side but on the other side they are futile. Materialistic attitude brings selfish motives of men. Indulgence in the intoxication of collection of unnecessary wealth creates internal hollowness. Man is mortal but soul is eternal. It has to meet his creature one day.

Man is enjoying the pleasures of life and forgetting the path of God. Souls want Spirituality. It is the food of soul. Hazrat Ali says, Oh! World I have divorced you three times”. It clearly indicates the less importance of this world, so why we are running after this unnatural pleasures. Scientific inventions give only temporary pleasure but permanent pleasure is hidden in holding the path of God. It brightens the soul. Every Sufi and mystic comes forward and condemned the materialistic pleasures. They regarded soul as a part of God. Thus men should not be familiar and closer with this futile world.

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