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Sucsessfull Students Essay

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Abstract This literature review includes the meaning of a successful students, it tells us the qualities of a blooming students, it tells how an average student can become a successful student, what qualities should an average students adopt to become a successful student, what type of difficulties an average student feel in their daily life in becoming a perfect student, how a successful student effects their environment. This work tells us that what people think about successful student and what is the actual meaning of it?

It tells us that true successful student work hard to get knowledge but today students work hard to get money.

Successful students 3 Successful students: Everyone likes to be a successful. Getting a scholarship, making money, to have a car, and a beautiful house or being popular are very common accomplishments for everyone. These accomplishments are only the immediate rewards. Long term success is a journey. There is no destination for that magic we all call success.

Education is a magic it can open many doors that were deviously closed, so get the best education you can. And if you have decided to go with education than do work hard as more as you can. In this research paper you will become familiar with the various learning strategies and be shown how some of these techniques can be applied to educational success. Researcher will provide you simple effective and dynamic tools to use every day as you must do to succeed. Whether techniques or golden rules are really important for us? To answer this question researcher tells a story.

Once there was a ship it was out of order, many engineers were trying to start the ship but they were unable to start it they do many techniques but all in vain, then there came a person he started examine all over the ship about 2 times, than he put a spanner and start tighten a small nut and he said please start the ship and ship started working. After one week he received a cheque of $ 20,000 he was really shocked to see that he received $ 20,000 for just tightening a small nut and then he found a statement written on back side of the cheque “ $ 2 for tightening the nut and $ 19,998 for finding which nut”.

From this story it can be learnt why techniques are so important? And the techniques which researcher is pointing out are important and every student should follow it. 1. Manage time and set priority 2. Responsibilities 3: Effective study Successful student 4 Time management and set priority John (1998) states that about time management “Make time your friend not your enemy. ” (lin. 23). Time management is very important skill for student. It enables to identify your priorities and using these priorities to manage time.

Successful student must not create impossible situations for themselves. Prepare a suitable timetable list of the courses, work, study time, recreations, meals, TV, relaxation, your friends’ activities and follow this timetable strictly. Most of the students make a timetable but do not follow it. Avoid distractions and lack of focus. Time is precious. Yet many might waste time by getting stuck in one or more stupid habits. Responsibilities Everyone knows that reading, writing, listening and speaking are basic to education without this education is nothing.

But what about responsibilities? How would you like to work for an in irresponsible boss, or be known as an irresponsible parent, or take a class from an irresponsible teacher? It does not sound very good. However we don’t care our responsibilities. According to researcher the most important point is responsibility because without this we can’t do anything. Iif you are responsible you will do your assignment in time if you are responsible you will punctual if you are responsible and will do every work in time and better others that’s why this habit teaches very much things.

Donna (1923) states that “the path of success lies on the road of responsibility” (p. 4). Successful student 5 Affective studying Affective studying has some requirements like creating favorable conditions, generate positive attitude, and develop good techniques. Create a schedule. Plan to study specific times each week. Breakup times as much as possible. Use a location where you can concentrate. Avoided or remove distractions. Made the subject meaningful to use in some way, if you are funded difficulty than consult someone. And always try to avoid from lack of consideration.

Lack of concentration is like a lack of fuel. Without consideration the mind has little power. And it will harm you much Successful student a word of honor for every student in this world. Whenever we hear this word and image of a student comes in our mind. Who always stood 1st in his class, takes full marks and is a role model for all students. Is that is enough for a successful student? No, absolutely no, a successful student is not only good in their studies, he is a good son, a good brother, a good friend and also a good neighbor.

Almost every kind of goodness present in them. Also he is a true Muslim. Researcher says that now these days we cannot find such students whose aim of life is to gain knowledge, who study to increase their knowledge, who study for the welfare of humanity . But we can find number of students who study only for their own benefits like to get good jobs and to earn money. According to a research there are 87% People study for their own benefits. If we want to become a successful student we have to follow some steps.

Successful student 6 References Colna,R. D (1985). where is your success? Thopwr Review, 6,1997–1999. Roconar, G. Wine, Q, & kreber, E. J. (1966). Starvation university of madin? , 1996, 1994–1996. A. Grandued, G. C. (1996). New methods . Hunter in jungle , 57, 1985. Jeff Haden (Nov 7, 2012) 8 Things Remarkably Successful People Do. 2009-2012 Heidi Grant Halvorson (Dec 13, 2012) Nine Ways Successful People Defeat Stress. 2011-2012 Kevin PurdyWhat (jan 22, 2009) Successful People Do With The First Hour Of Their Work Day. 2008-2009.

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