Successful Performance Management

A good leader should reflect on the accomplishments he or she has attained for a period of time and establish goals for the next period. It is a good opportunity to establish leadership development goals, whether a portion of an official development planning course or simply reason being it is a verified way to unceasingly develop as a leader. Leadership goals of development ought to be, every time, specific and appropriate to the leader and linked to his or her goals at the workplace.

A leader should have a comprehensive plan that helps him or her to set their career towards progressive leadership duties as well as management positions. A plan is simply a helpful tool to tactically guide you all the way through your career development as well as professional development. Setting up the leadership goals and working on them, will enable one to achieve greater general career satisfaction, more interesting changes, and challenges not forgetting impactful careers. There are utmost likely a few joint goals that most whichever leader can profit from if followed correctly.

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Being a better listener. I need to study how to give attention and show my employees that I value a lot about what they ought to say. I will not fail to use active listening skills to recognize what my employees may be passing across. Listening to my employees is a vital goal since communication is the basis of any progress in an organization. Everything is run through communication regardless of the form or the channel of doing it.

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There should be a rapport created so that the employees and the management work harmoniously. For me as a leader, listening will be the goal given the first priority in the list of my goals. Sometimes things fail to work simply because there is no strong bridge in terms of communication between the management and the subjects. I need to make myself available to my employees and lend them my ears. There will be hours set aside purposely for my employees and me to chat the way forward concerning their welfare and the institution. Not just meeting to discuss but maintaining a more relaxed open-door policy. Creating that environment makes them more relaxed and open during the meeting and it, therefore, encourages them to speak freely and openly.

Sometimes it has to take place away from the working environment as this sets a serene environment psychologically to give them a relaxed atmosphere. The only challenge to this goal might be enough time for the meetings as communication has to take place on a daily basis but I will look for the best and convenient time for that. Giving my attention to them means more than just listening verbally to them. I need to observe the non-verbal cues of communication. Proper maintenance of eye contact and observation of body language has also to do with listening to them. I believe that good correlation, especially in proper communication, will see to it that the overall objectives of the organization will be met largely. Best of all, I have to note down ideas or questions from them to avoid distractions. A good leader should lead by example. One ought to listen with an unbiased attitude and understand the situation before going to a conclusion. It is therefore of great importance as a leader to listen to the employees as this builds trust in them towards you. A good conversationalist comes along as skilled which stimulates employees to have confidence and have faith in you. It will also enable me as the leader to create my reputation as I will be present with my team.

Being a better coach rather than only a leader is my second goal. A good leader should set an example to the juniors. Showing them ‘how’ to do it in a better way is far much better than telling them ‘what’ and ‘how’ to do it. I want to spend my time majorly on tutoring and developing my juniors for a better end product. Bossing around may demoralize or kill the morale of juniors. It may be a little bit challenging to get that extra time being on the ground due to the administrative tasks. Regardless of the duties, this as a goal to improve the end performance has to be given attention. Managers like working with simple employees but not a difficult one. The difficult one’s behavior results in the overall poor performance of the organization. A good manager should identify the bad behavior and see how to manage those specific employees quickly so as not to influence the morale of others negatively. To be a good coach, I will have to set a goal. It can be a performance goal or a decision to make or probably a goal for the coaching session. For me to succeed in better coaching, I will have to ignore the rumors. Working on verified facts will be my case. Team members will learn about bad behaviors and maybe start rumormongering. Fact-finding is essential when it comes to dealing with difficult employees. It might be a challenge when dealing with difficult employees as some might counteract the changes and strategies laid for improvement. It is therefore in order to coach with consistency. The behavior might be repeated severally without change and therefore it is wise to keep calm on rectifying consistently. Working and at the same time coaching employees is a skill that will take time to develop and therefore I have to be patient. At the end of the day, the organization’s goals will be met.

The next on my goals is leadership presence. I would like to improve my capability to regulate and sustain a room and communicate in a trustworthy way that motivates others. I will have to get feedback from those that are making promotional decisions. Getting advice from those around will also have an impact as far as presentation is concerned. The challenge may be the extra cost I have to sacrifice but it won’t matter so long the overall objectives are met. Taking a presentation course and learning how to lead meetings will be part of improving my presence.

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