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Successful people

Failure is not what sets us apart from the successful individuals around us, but it is how we see and what we do about this failure that makes us outshine them. I finished high school in a public school, but I have never seen this as a deduction from my character or my knowledge. However scarce resources were back then, I managed to perform well. It was not until I was in college when I had my first encounter with failure. I only passed one course, out of the five that I was taking.

This made me question my own belief system and how I managed the academic aspect of my life. I know that at one point I did something unacceptable to my own standards. Once I have realized my gaffe I was willing to make up for it. As I tried to recuperate from my letdown, it dawned on me that one of my teachers embarrassed me in front of the whole class and questioned my ability and the lack thereof, leaving me with feelings of resentment. Instead of being supportive and encouraging me, she did the opposite.

I have always had the assumption that educators educate children, not make them feel inferior to them because of the numerical measurement of their abilities. Educators are not only teaching concepts, they teach life. And what she taught me was that I did not have what it takes to be better. This is when I realized that I wanted to change what she does, and I wanted to be that change. I deem that I can become a better educator than her, especially to the underserved students because I understand what they go through and I empathize, not pull them down more.

I will be able to see from their viewpoint because I grew up in a place like this and can relate to them by utilizing my familiarity with the culture and my personal experiences as a means of teaching. This realization, along with my lifelong passion to share my knowledge and experiences, has led me to the dream of becoming a teacher. If I can show these students my passion for education through a context that they can understand, I can help change their lives. My own failure made me realize why education is vital to everybody.

It teaches about life and about the failures that we get to encounter along the way and how to remain standing even after all that’s happened. I worked hard when I was in high school, not because I am underserved, but because I know there’s much more to life than just being caught in a place like this, knowing that I could do better. A lot of these children think that they do not warrant a beautiful future ahead, because of where they came from. But, I can be the example of that beautiful future, I struggled, I was victorious, I went downhill, but I was strong enough to get back on track again. If I can, so can them.

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