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Successful Business Impact

An organizational restructure helps a company manage new changes efficiently. Those changes can be market changes that a company needs to be able to plan for. Changing its structure can help it deal with this. Sanctuary restructured its housing administrative operations to match a changing rental market. Before each office had its own admin team. This team could only process a small number of applications at a time. This led to delay and clients going elsewhere to rent. Sanctuary’s response to this problem is to centralise its housing operations.

It creates a central team that processes nationwide applications. This team was able to speed the process and get new tenants in sanctuary properties. This new structure of the housing department was a more efficient way to process applications both in time and cost.

The location of a business has great implication for its cost, the availability of customers or the presence of a competitor. A business needs to carefully consider its location.

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The decision to set up a scanning bureau in Liverpool was based on the different advantage that this location had for Sanctuary. Liverpool and the North West had a large numbers of social housing and student housing owned by Sanctuary. The cost of transport was minimal. Sanctuary had the lease of an empty building in Liverpool adjacent to the student complex for a number of years that could be put to good use. All those factors influenced Sanctuary to set up its scanning operation in Liverpool instead of outsourcing it.

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Events such as the Grenfell tower fire had an impact on Sanctuary. The key feature of external events like this is the review of our internal procedures. Sanctuary immediately implemented increased fire safety tests in all its tower blocks especially those with cladding. It has also increased its tenant’s surveys in order to improve its relation with its tenants in light of the anger that this tragedy created. Sanctuary’s group chief executive Craig Moule announced “We have invested in, recruited and trained an in-house fire safety team made up of 57 staff, This is because we consider safety to be our number one priority”

Political factor can affect a business. If the political changes are unfavourable it can lead to loss. Most political changes come in the form of legislation. The new GDPR legislation has forced Sanctuary to review many of its internal procedures and this internal review cost money and time. The government might also increase tax on certain products like the sugar tax that will increase production cost for a company and make it less competitive on the market.

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