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Success Essay Essay

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My success story that I am most proud of is when my team won our first basketball championship in my sophomore year in high school. I have been playing basketball since I was five years old and grew up loving the sport. When I play basketball it makes me excited and have the determination to win every game. Everything about the sport I love so much. It has good principles like teamwork, leadership and sportsmanship. Teamwork is very important in every team so there would be chemistry and all players in their team would get along with each other.

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All players can lead each other to contribute of helping to win every game. Sportsmanship is very important in basketball because you need to be humble and respect for everything that will happen in the game. We used all of these principles to win our first championship and it felt really great. When I was a freshman our team lost to the late rounds of a tournament and we eventually fell into third place. I felt very disappointed, but I said to myself that we’ll come back next year and chase for the gold. Our sophomore year started and our team had many new players that were big and tall.

I thought to myself that maybe this will be the year to have the opportunity to take it to the championship game and win to honor the name our school. In my team I play as a small forward and help around with the guards if they’re having trouble. Before our real tournament our team had joined a small league for a month to compete with some experienced teams. We were so good every game dropping a lot of points on the other teams and we finished the league undefeated. We got along with each other pretty well and we started to become like family.

The real tournament was coming soon and we wanted to practice our butts off. If someone missed a shot or layup we would give ourselves a small punishment like pushups or running a lap to make up for it. After two weeks of hard training, this is where the real fun happens and I was really excited to play. The tournament would last about a week starting from Monday until Friday with six teams coming from different schools. The team with two losses in the tournament would be eliminated and try to come back next year.

We had our first game on the first day of the tournament and we walked inside the gym proudly to intimidate the other teams. We seemed like we were cocky, but we kept our humbleness with us. We just didn’t want to fall into to the spot we were in last time, so we kept a positive mind and had faith in God. We saw our opponents and remembered some of the faces we got to battle with each other last time. We went through the tournament dominating the other teams and we were undefeated 5-0. We all felt really great that we were going to the championship round facing one of the toughest schools in the area.

We were going to face a team with four wins and one loss and it was a do or die situation for them. My team believed that we needed to give all out our best for the championship game and not let them take the opportunity to take it to game two. It was Friday, the day of our championship game and I woke up really nervous about. Our championship game was about to start and there were many people to support us. We had teachers, students and even our principal to watch us. We were motivated by seeing them and made us happy because we wanted to make them proud.

Our game had started and as we walked to the gym, all of us were nervous. We had one goal to win and honor our school. As my name was called for the starting lineup I had butterflies in my stomach and I could hear my heart pounding like an elephant’s foot. It was crazy with all the pressure running around my mind and thoughts, but I knew we could do this. We all shook hands with the other team and said good luck to each other. I paired up with my matchup and the referee was getting ready to toss the ball.

Our center tipped the ball to our point guard and I reacted to run across the court really quick to the flow of the fast break. They passed it to me and I gave the first two points to my team with my layup to the backboard. As the first half went by, both of our teams were in control and the score was always near with each other. The first half had ended and the score was 45-43, we were in lead. As the second half started we started to commit turnovers and we were behind from the score. The third quarter had ended and the score was 65-78. We knew that the other team wanted to force a second game.

We all felt terrible and started to think negative until we heard our coach saying, “The game isn’t over until the clock stops. ” We all looked at each other and I told them that we need to end this now. The final quarter started and we were back into the game. We stopped committing turnovers and as soon as we got the ball we would always attack the rim. We bounced back and we won. As soon as we heard the buzzer we all jumped up and down with great joy. It was the best feeling ever and I will never forget that moment being a part of a championship team.

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