Substantive Writing Essay

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Substantive Writing

• In the space provided below, paraphrase two of following quotes from Rape of the Lock into your own words. Try to get as close to the actual meaning of the quote without using the same words. You can use more words in your paraphrase than in the original quote. Your paraphrase is now your thesis.

• Elaborate on your thesis. This should be between 3-8 sentences in length. You can use the elaboration worksheet that we worked on in class last week to create your elaboration.

• Then support each thesis with an example from history, literature, current events or pop culture. Do not use Rape of the Lock in your example. Look for your support outside the Pope’s story. No personal examples. Research on the Internet. Be sure to explain how your example links to your thesis. Your support should be at least five to eight sentences for each quote. NOTE: Do not cut and paste a story from the Internet. Take notes and write your own support based off the notes.

• Use four of this week’s vocabulary words in your compositions. Underline them.

• Print and bring your work to class October 1st.

• Your answers are worth up to 25 points.

The Quotes (from Rape of the Lock)

“He watch’d th’ Ideas rising in her mind, Sudden he view’d, in spite of all her art, An earthly Lover lurking at her heart.” “Fairest of Mortals, though distinguish’d Care Of thousand bright Inhabitants of Air! If e’er one Vision touch’d thy infant Thought, of all the Nurse and all the Priest have taught, Of airy Elves by Moonlight Shadows seen, the silver Token, and the circled Green, Or Virgins visited by Angel-Pow’rs, With Golden Crowns and Wreaths of heav’nly Flow’rs, Hear and believe!” “Then cease, bright Nymph! To mourn thy ravish’d hair, which adds new glory to the shining sphere!” “But since, alas! frail Beauty must decay, Curl’d or uncurl’d, since Locks will turn to grey” “Transformed to combs, the speckled, and the white. Here files of pins extend their shining rows, Puffs, Powders, Patches, Bibles, Billet-doux. Now awful Beauty puts on all its arms” “At ev’ry word a reputation dies.”

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