Subsidies are also one form of social services as the Government

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Subsidies are also one form of social services as the Government

With the increasing diversity and complexity in which services are facilitated by the United States Social Welfare system, it needs to be elaborated and reviewed accordingly so as to help benefactors get the best of what they have and necessitate the optimum available alternatives on their part. One important example given in the text is the power over decisions. This initiative enables and evokes the “right to make decisions that serve self-interests of a particular group with which decision maker is affiliated” (Chambers and Wedel, 2005, p. 94).

This example can best serve if for example the healthcare department of one state agrees to place a qualified professional to make decisions on what programs need to be tackled for a particular period. On the other hand, this initiative can be costly to individuals and groups if the decision making process is tainted with a subjective purpose. For instance, a designated man may advocate a particular scheme because his company or service can benefit more in the process while disregarding the needs of other groups.

Subsidies are also one form of social services as the Government tries to shoulder various expenses incurred in some aspects mandated by law (Chambers and Wedel, 2005). In here, the positive aspect of such facet can be the government reaching out to starting sectors in the economy and giving them the needed boost to succeed. On the other hand, one negative aspect of this is that not all sectors are given subsidies. Due to this, only selected and limited parties benefit from the process.

Lastly, positive discrimination is a form of social service that tries to provide individuals and groups who have been treated harshly or unequally by the government (Chambers and Wedel, 2005). It is a form of setting restorative justice for those individuals discriminated by the old system. This connotes a positive attitude because it the Government tries to reach out and provide the necessary changes in their lives. For example, an African American was not given a good job despite his credentials has the option to apply for this.

Contrary to these, it also brings about the question of its legality and notion of the action to create restorative justice. Due to this, limited people receive this kind of service and are primarily determined by court. Reference Chambers, D. E. and Wedel, K. R. (2005) Chapter 5: Who Gets What: Analysis of Types of Benefits and Services in Social Policy and Social Programs: A Method for the Practical Public Policy Analyst. 4th ed. Allyn and Bacon; Pearson Education 90-108.


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