Stylistic Imitation Catcher in the Rye Essay

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Stylistic Imitation Catcher in the Rye

Goddamn it’s bright out here, all the phonies going to the lousy lake that depresses me. It really does. Everyone and they’re phony smiles just trying to get on a boat. It’ll make you puke just seeing these goddamn girls with their tits all in their face, make you want to puke. It really will. The only girl worth looking at was old Jane Gallagher; you could stare at that ass of hers all day long. You really could. She looked like one of those playboy models. Those girls sure are nice to look at.

One of my friend’s mom was in one of those magazines. We sure used to tease him a lot but when his mom came down everyone got real quiet and just watched the way she would walk, goddamn it was nice. Stradlater always had those magazines all over the place. Ackley kid was always saying how he necked with one of them, you always knew he was lying but you went with it anyways. That kind of stuff made me sick to think about. You see it all the time, you always see some old man with a young girl. It’ll make you sick.

I heard Ackley kid call my name so I walked over to him. I’ll admit it, I wasn’t too crazy about him, but he had his license and a car. He was a lousy guy. He really was. He was always looking for a fight like he was a tough bastard and all. I have only been in one fight in my life, the bastards name was Billy the kid. He was a big guy about 6 feet tall, the bastard picked me up and threw me on the ground just about knocked me out then I got up and he hit me again knocking me over, that’s all I remember though I don’t like talking about it much.

I hate when people start talking about something and they just drag the story on too long that kind of thing pisses me off. It really does. Then they start talking about there brother or what they had for lunch. Those bastards just start annoying me. Ackley kid said “Caulfield what the hell are you doing? ” I replied “trying to rubberneck old Jane Gallagher but you stopped me goddamnit. ” Ack said “Well let’s go to the pub and get a drink. ” The pub is the only local bar that’ll sell you booze if your underage. “Alright well let’s get the hell out of here then, I want to get stinking drunk. ”

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