Styles of Love Essay

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Styles of Love

Scenario #1:
Clarence and Betty are what we know as the perfect happy married couple, they been together for 25 years. The couple has four children which they love and adore, unfortunately for the couple their relationship is starting to have complications. Between all of the stress at home bills, children, and work it leaves very little time for passion and intimacy even though the couple is completely devoted to one another. This lack of intimacy and passion is leading this happy couple to the verge of giving up if something does not change. The couple feels that is would devastate their children if they do not provide good guidance for their children, so they suffer actually unhappy with one another acting as if everything was perfectly fine. Their love relationship in their marriage is slowly drowning and becoming lifeless they are facing an empty love. They are losing everything that fulfilled their marriage with joy, happiness, and compassion, and it is being replaced with guilt, misery, and depression.

Scenario #2:
Mikey and Dino have been best brothers/friends since birth, they do everything together. They are kind, caring, and extremely protective of one another. Their intimate bond with one another is one of a kind, and no one else they know share ones as deeply as they do. The bond they share is a close friendship, and there is no physical or sexually attraction between the two brothers. The two brother do love and care for one another though and worry about the woman that the develop feeling for. They are best friends and only want to see the best for each other, and they do not want their bond to be shredded apart.

Comparing the two scenarios
Close and empty love are similar because of the bond each person is has for one another. In both of the loves the people are devoted to each other, care deeply for one another, but are not passionate. There is no sexual attraction between the two people, but they would bend over backwards to help each other. Close and empty love is not similar because people who experience close love are intimately bonded to one another, but with empty love they people only share their commitment that they have for one another without any shape or form of intimacy and passion for one another.

When I think about myself and think about close and empty love I have and do experience both of the loves in my life since I was a little child. I feel empty love because I have always been committed to my friends and family, but never been sexually, passionate, or intimate between them. On the other hand I feel I develop a close love with many people because the bond that we share is intimate not on a sexual level, but one of great friends that I can trust forever. The empty love category of friends and family I do not feel I could share as much information with, nor do I think I could open up as much to them. This is because I feel they are outsiders, and will never develop the type of relationship that is needed to be close to me.

Comparing the two in my life with woman I have had relationships with I would say is a bit tricky. The reason for this is even though sexually I had an intimate and passionate relationship with them I do not feel as it I was devoted to many of them, and I do not feel that they were close to me. I feel that it was more of a fling with many of them and they did not have the chance to become of a close love to me. They stayed as an empty love and I did not develop any sort of feeling towards them where I felt committed enough to open up to them, and let them know about me.

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