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Styles Of Learning Essay

Essay Topic:

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There are three different styles of learning, auditory, visual and tactile. Each one is very different from the other. Visual learners do best by seeing the lessons and even writing the important things. Auditory learners need to hear it and even reading it aloud to do best. Meanwhile tactile do better with hands on approach and do better with the physical when learning. For most people, they have one specific style of learning that helps them best. After taking the learning style assessment, it showed me how I learn best.

I have learned that I am an auditory learner.

Being an auditory learner means I learn best by hearing and listening to whatever it is I need to know. One way that really helps me is to read something aloud several times and I usually remember it. I have to sit somewhere with very few distractions to be able to concentrate when I am learning something new or studying. If I hadn’t taken the learning style assessment, I would’ve never learned about being an auditory learner. One thing that is important is to always try new ways to study in a way that best suits your learning style.

For instance, if I am trying to stay in a certain area of my home to do my studies but there are too many distractions; then I should find a place to study that is better suited to my learning style. For an auditory learner, I feel the best place to study would be somewhere quiet so I can concentrate but also so I can hear myself reading the work aloud. If I am unable to relocate to a quieter area, then I use ear plugs or headphones to drown out the distracting noises. I try to study in the same place, but I also know it is smarter to study somewhere I can learn the

best. The world today has a lot of things that are very beneficial to auditory learners. When attending a class or studying new things, you can record yourself or the teacher and listen to the lesson repeatedly. As an auditory leaner, listening to the lesson will help me remember what I need to learn a lot easier. Another resource that is available, especially at CTU, is all the live classes are recorded and are available to listen to as many times as needed. The world today is all about technology, making it very easy to access audio files anywhere and at any time.

Today’s high tech world makes learning very easy, no matter what type of learning style you are. After this assignment, I’ve learned a couple things about being an auditory learner that I didn’t previously know. I never knew that my constant talking to myself had anything to do with my learning style. It also explains why I always read everything to myself when I’m learning, which usually lead to being in trouble for talking in school. Another thing that really stood out to me that I didn’t know was that my learning style had influence over the mismatched color of my clothes.

I always thought it was me being weird or different. The three different learning styles are different from each other. Visual learners tend to be neater and do best when they sit in or near the front of the class. They also pay close attention to the teachers’ expressions and body language to help them understand the lesson. Tactile learners often find it hard to sit still and are often sidetracked by the need to be active. They do best when they take short frequent breaks while learner so they don’t overload themselves with too much at once.

They are very hands on people; they express themselves through touching often. In a classroom setting, the learning styles are usually a good mixture of the three styles. The downfall usually is that one style usually annoys the other two and vice versa. Teachers should give the learning style assessment towards the beginning of the classes and try to seat people in the same general area as others with the same earning style to create a more cohesive classroom. Reference: What’s your learning style? http://www. educationplanner.

org/students/self-assessments/learning-styles-quiz. shtml? event=results&A=9&V=5&T=6

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