Stuff is not salvation Essay

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Stuff is not salvation

Anna Quindlen’s “Stuff is Not Salvation” tells her experience and her view of consumerism of today’s time. She often questions how people indulge in consuming and are “mesmerized by cheap consumer electronics and discounted toys.” I agree with her eye opening view points it even made me exam my own impulses. We don’t need materalistc “stuff” because we are just replacing theses things and filling a void where real happiness should go. For examples

I had a uncle who would go to the local gas station and would buy Dunhill lights cigarettes which costs $4.25 a pack in which he would smoke that in a day and over a month it will cost him$127.50 and over a year it will cost him $1530.00. The cigarettes have become an addiction for him, it was like every time I saw him he always had a cigarette in his mouth. He could have donated the money to a charity, or a church or even saved the money for a rainy day.

I have to admit, I am no different to frivolous spending. Just last week I stayed in line outside a best buy for 16 hours waiting for the new iPhone 5 to be released. After purchasing the phone for $650 dollars I instantly got buyer remorse. To me it looked just like the iPhone 4 with just a bigger screen, it made me think, “Why did I need a new phone?” My old phone was just fine. It made me wonder what could I have done if I saved that $650.

After reading this short story it made me look at my life in a new light. I am no longer going to buy the latests electronics or the new craze to make me happy. It made me appreciate what I have now and look at life what really matters and thats family, friends, laughter, not getting angry over the small things because in the end money is not everything just look at steve jobs wealth couldn’t not buy him health.

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