Studying Just to Get a Good Job

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What do I think about studying just to get a good job and earn money??

Well, I think that studies are very important in everything we do in life, for example: we have to have general culture about several things that are around us, also because life is kind of a competition between which person knows more than other one, and other and very important reason is for getting a good job when you grow up and finish studying.

I think the most important reason that we have to improve our studies is that when we get older we have to get an excellent job for having a family and having money for them to have a nice life, but that must not be the only reason for a person to study, they must do it not by pleasure because it is impossible, but for being an smart person that know things about the world.

Also the richest men in the planet are the ones that didn’t study, and this is not an excuse for not studying, but it is a clear example that tells us that STUDYING IS NOT THE ONLY THING THAT MAKES YOU A SUCCESFULL PERSON IN YOUR LIFE, BUT THE SKILLS YOU HAVE DO.

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So don’t study just for earning a big amount of money when you get a job, study just because it makes you a better person and all that knowledge that you get is going to be useful in every moment in life.

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Studying Just to Get a Good Job

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