Studying Abroad is an Effective Way to Learn Language

Studying abroad is an effective way to travel the world whilst still completing course requirements. It is a great opportunity to venture out and explore the beautiful culture and history that Ecuador provides. As I have not had the chance to travel the world much, I believe this would be a unique experience.

As I have only had the opportunity to travel to the USA for university and my home country, I believe this would be a unique experience for myself.

It would allow me to discover myself as well as immerse myself into a different culture. I hope to return home with contrasting ideas and perspectives and incorporate the same in my own life. Additionally, the experience will also allow me to embrace new concepts and perceptions making me a more open minded and global citizen. Just as learning a new language compels you to think more about your own language, coming across other cultures will allow me to see my own through new eyes.

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Such a program provides international exposure which is critical to one’s career building process. It is a great add on to your resume as it stands out to your employer. It allows me to show an employer that I am able to adapt to different environments and excel in them. This is critical as this would demonstrate to them that I will be able to fit into their work environment easily. Furthermore, it would help portray crucial skills, such as being self-motivated and independent, that employers look for in the workforce.

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There will undoubtedly be some hardships and challenges from being in a totally new environment, but being able to overcome them and succeed in the course will aid in displaying my ability to embrace challenges. Attending this program would also be an excellent opportunity to meet new people and widen my networking abilities. The people I meet could be connections that may potentially aid me in my career down the line or even just provide me with useful advice. This exposure will give me a broader insight and assist in progressing my future career.

Being surrounded by native Spanish speakers in Ecuador on a daily basis would provide a brilliant first hand experience that cannot be found in the closed doors of a classroom. I strongly believe it is one of the best ways to learn a new language as you’re provided with the opportunity to listen and practice it in real time. It would also help me develop a more authentic accent by echoing that of others. The program would expose me to Spanish within the context of culture which would incline a broader understanding of tone and diction. This opportunity would allow me to be totally immersed in the language as there is so much room to practice and learn, starting from speaking with my host family to ordering food at restaurants. Every interaction with the local culture will help deepen my understanding of the language.

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