Studying Abroad Essay

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Studying Abroad

Having a strong education is the best way to ensure a good future and fulfillng dreams. Therefore, I feel it is important to pursure my higher studies and have decided to study abroad, in particular. I have applied for this scholarship and chosen my major for the following reasons: to gain education of high quality, to get better employment opportunities, and to learn more about other cultures. The first reason for choosing to study IS is to gain education of high quality.

As we all know, Europe is famous for the education that is provided by its strong universities, best professors, successful educational systems and methods. Graduating from prestigious colleges or universities like that is often regarded as an achievement in itself. Furthermore, a degree from a good foreign university always adds up to one’s resume. Secondly, due to the lack of specialists in this major in my country, it is considered an advantage for me to have chosen to study IS because it will result in getting better employment opportunities.

With the knowledge that I get from studying in such a field and applying ehat I have learned, I will have an added advantage over others. Last but not least, it is an exciting advanture to study out in a completely new enviroment. It will enable me to mature quickly and develop independence. For instance, joining the university will be the first experience to adjust to living away from family and friendes.

Though there will be many difficulties like culture or lack of proficiency in laguage, I’ll learn how to live on my own and look after myself after overcoming them. In conclusion, my desire to study abroad is based on getting best level education in the world, being offered better job chances, and experiencing new things. However, it does not mean that one can get this knowledge and experience just by going abroad to study. He / She must choose carefully which college to study in, and struggle for what he/she is longing for to improve oneself and one’s country.

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