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Motivation to Study on Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

In view of such experiences, I feel that I will be able to fit into leadership roles in research and also in my career. Given my deep research interest in mechanical engineering, the next step for me is to pursue the highest academic accolade, i.e., Ph.D. from a reputed rigorous program that can shape me into a complete independent researcher. I believe that the research opportunities and resource...

Disadvantages of the studying abroad

In my opinion, the educational system in our country is improving from year to year. In conclusion, everything has two sides: advantages and disadvantages. Each of us should accept that studying abroad has good sides as well as bad one. For sure many students would get over all those disadvantages but how about others who might not be able to handle all of them. It might not be good choice to stud...

Studying Alone vs Studying in Groups

In closing, although studying in groups helps you to solve questions faster, encourages friendships etc. which contributes to a somewhat noisy environment, I would rather study alone as opposed to studying in groups because I am better able to stay focused in a very peaceful environment as opposed to an environment that consist of unnecessary chit-chats, etc. I would be able to spend as much time ...

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Effects of electronic gadgets to students studying habits

Almost all of the students especially high school students are seen of using different kinds of electronic gadgets everyday. Like cellphone, iPad, psp, etc. With that case, students who are addicted in using electronic gadgets affects their studies. As what I have observed, using of electronic gadgets gives bad effects to almost all of the students. The purpose of doing this study is to *Explain t...

The Importance of Studying English

Last but not least,you can also enjoy read a literary works.You can buy and read an exciting novel books. There are many literary works or classics novel that were written by Willian Shakespear.Example of the books that written by Willian Shakespear is Romeo and Juliet and Twelftth Night. Most of the literary books were exciting to read.At least,reading a literary books can gain more knowledge in ...

Effects on students having relationship while studying

1st at the school, here the students get a lot of influence. It is where carelessness on student’s decision takes place. This research will unfold the rate of influence in every student. This research will also tell you the effects on the people around you when you decide on your relationship to someone. This will show how a love quarrel will will affect your relationship to y...

Advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad

On the other hand, when you leave your hometown and migrate to another country to continue your study, some obstacles may show up. For one thing, you must be away from your family and your intimate friends for a while. No doubt, your relationship will fade away if you don't try to keep in touch with them. Moreover, you are exposed to an environment where everybody else acts and behaves different f...

Studying the pH of Strong Acid

Solutions that undergo a minimal pH change when an acid or base is added are called buffer solutions1. A buffer solution can be prepared by mixing a weak acid and a salt containing the anion of that acid, like HClO and NaClO. A buffer solution can also be prepared by mixing a weak base with a salt containing the cation of the base. The pH of a buffer solution can be calculated by using the Ka expr...

Difficulties of Studying Abroad

Also you might find the type of teaching unproductive; especially if you are going from an environment with lots of teacher/student contact to one with lectures and large classes. Adapting in the social environment, habits, and customs could be difficult. Although all the the difficulties that were mentioned, you can benefit from them by experiencing another educational system that can be instruct...

Studying abroad

Japan under Meijing rein sent many students to the west for learning for the sake of modernizing the countries and learning experiences of development of western countries. It can be said that studying abroad is the best way to learn knowledge, experience and the quintessence of the country where you are studying. Students who learn abroad are, therefore, more appriciated than students in home and...

The advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad

On the other hand, going abroad to study has its own cons. Sometimes, if we don’t get a scholarship, studying abroad is very expensive. If we don’t know the language, there will be a huge language barrier. Thirdly, we have to adapt to a whole new environment on our own. We can easily feel lonely and homesick. If it gets worse, people will be racist because we’re Asian. Fourthly, some student...

Graded Assignments for Students

Project Part 2 should be submitted in the following format and style: Format: Microsoft Word Font: Arial, Size 12, Double-Space Citation Style: Chicago Manual of Style Length: 4–5 pages Self-Assessment Checklist I have created a professional, well-developed proposal with proper documentation, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. I have successfully identified appropriate SSCP® domains and relate...

Studying locally and studying abroad

Lastly, studying abroad trains people to adapt themselves to circumstance whereas studying locally does not. People, who study abroad, have to stay in a new circumstance, so they must try to adapt themselves to it. Studying abroad will teach them how to support their lives, and how to express themselves in another language. Furthermore, living away from home can also help people to grow up and bec...

Studying locally and studying abroad

Thus,I stand strong that it is much better to study in local universities that study in overseas.Since,local universities have the same quality like the overseas universities and we can avoid an financial problems and cultural differences which make the undergraduates feel more secure. We also should stop the trend of sending bringt students overseas under scholarships because they could also exce...

Studying Abroad or Studying At Home

The opponents argue that studying abroad has many advantages, such as the advanced courses and developed approaches and facilities and the glory name of the western universities. They think that could expand student outlook and autonomy. However, local universities have encouraged students to study at home by opining international and famous worldwide university branches in its land. Furthermore, ...

Studying Abroad Persuasive Speech Outline

A. The rising benefits of studying abroad are undeniable and affordable! Going to a different country can be scary, but it can also be fun! You learn a different culture, language, and view on the world. There will be so many stories that you will never forget about from your time abroad. You will not regret it. B. I leave you with this quote from Henry Miller “One’s destination is never a pla...

Methods of Studying Human Behavior

Treatment approach to treating PTSD includes exposure therapy, medication, cognitive behavioral therapy, and group therapy. References David, Buss, (2008), Evolutionary psychology: the new science of the mind, Pearson/Allyn and Bacon Dube SR, Anda RF, Felitti VJ, Croft JB, Edwards VJ, Giles WH, (2001): Growing up with parental alcohol abuse: exposure to childhood abuse, neglect, and household dysf...

Unfinished Alumni Tracking System

Costs benefit analysis The cost benefit analysis will show the difference between the existing and proposed system cost operations assumed for the span of five (5) years. The table 3. 4 shows the cost operation of current system for the span of five (5) years. The table depicts that every year the expenses for the existing system increases. Table 3. 4 Cost Operation of the Existing System PARTICUL...

Classroom Summative Assessment

Require students to explore a problem or concern stated either by the teacher or the studentsSummative Extended or Unit ProjectsRequire the application of knowledge and skills in an open-ended settingSummative PortfoliosAssist students in the process of developing and reflecting on a purposeful collection of student-generated data. Formative and Summative It is clear that different kinds of inform...

Significance of the Studying Camias

* Kamias is the Filipino name for a tree scientifically known as Averrhoa bilimbi. In English, it is known as the cucumber or sorrel tree. This tropical tree is found naturally in Malaysia and Indonesia, and its fruit is used both for cooking and traditional medicine. Though kamias is a highly acidic fruit, it can be consumed after certain preparations are taken, and it does provide trace amounts ...

Discuss the Advantages and Disadvantages of Studying Overseas

Besides, studying abroad can be enriching in other ways. For example, the case of a cousin of mine who won a scholarship to New Zealand. Though academically brilliant, she was diffident in the company of strangers, but there, she took part in various cultural activities, such as International Night, to promote Malaysian culture. Gradually, she became more confident and less shy and now, she has ma...

Studying at University

In fact, they can rely on their family members help. However, living alone during studying has its own advantages. Experiencing complete independence and facing life's challenges increase one's self-esteem. This also may cause of students become more confident about their abilities. In addition to this, students can make many friends who probably some of them will become as close friend as their f...

Contrast Studying Alone to Studying in a Group

Finally, studying in a group will make you more actively. Whatever studying alone or studying in a group, you want to learn. When you work with others, you will get some information from others. At this time, you will think about their idea and absorb the good things from them. In contrast, when you study alone, you just know what you think and can not improve from others. When you study, you just...

Studying Abroad

Last but not least, studying abroad, the perspective of students is certainly broadened due to experiences they accumulated in the new countries. For example, many American students grow up with the confidence that America is the greatest and does everything best. But indeed, there are still number of astute people in other countries who are working and contributing to the development of the world...

Part-Time Job While Studying

In fact, the more friends they have, the more probably they will deal successfully with the obstacles in life. Last but not least, taking part in a part-time job can help students earn more to support their study. Consequently, they will be less dependent on their parents and believe more in their own ability. To sum up, it is quite essential that students should have a part-time job while studyin...

Studying the English language in an English-Speaking country

In conclusion, it is important to visit English speaking country, then we could learn English language in a higher standard , but that is not the only way to learn English. If someone need to study English from non-English speaking country, there are many ways to study English such as exams, academic programs etc ( This sentence vague). Then they can improve their language proficiency for their fu...

Me Studying For An Examination

Lastly I spend at least two hours a day out my very busy shedule life to do some studies for this class. During this time I lock myself in a room by myself so I can concentrate because I don't want to go to school without my homework being done or without being ready to take in the new stuff. With all the effort I put in this class, I think I should pass this class because if i don't it will be a ...

Education in India

An equal opportunity is provided to children belonging to the economically and socially disadvantage section to pursue quality education from private schools, which is otherwise not afforded by them. Meanwhile, social reality are more commonly faced by the general category children while sharing the same space with the poor and disadvantaged children. On the other hand, when these families tried t...

Studying Body Language: Flirting

But be careful, some men find in unattractive when women play with their hair too much and you don’t want to send him the wrong message, do you? (Marx, n. d. , p. 3) Although there are multiple amounts of other body language signals, these are some of the basics that show us how much more communication our body does before words even have the chance to come out of our mouths. Body language is im...

Studying Just to Get a Good Job

I think the most important reason that we have to improve our studies is that when we get older we have to get an excellent job for having a family and having money for them to have a nice life, but that must not be the only reason for a person to study, they must do it not by pleasure because it is impossible, but for being an smart person that know things about the world. Also the richest men in...

Pros and Cons of Tuition Studying

This is to ensure students can carry on the both school and tuition lessons. Because both of them play the important roles to achieve excellent results, students need to be capable and suit themselves with the homework and tests and they also need to know how to handle their pressure wisely. In the nut shell, attending tuition classes is less important to achieve good results in examination. It is...

Studying extract from chapter 24 "The Catcher In The Rye"

Mr Antolini manages not to alienate Holden, by being the most sympathetic of the adult characters in the book. Holden respects Mr Antolini's non-conforming attitude and unconventional methods. He not only is comforting Holden but realises that Holden is different to most pupils and recognises that he wants to retain his uniqueness, and consequently approaches him in an alternate way, especially wh...

Studying the Banquet Scene in Macbeth

After studying this scene in Macbeth, I have found many examples of where Shakespeare openly displays his dramatic and poetic talent. However, I personally believe that the greatest evidence of Shakespeare's extraordinary playwriting skills is the fact that the play Macbeth has survived the test of time. Although it was written just under four centuries ago, it is still an extremely popular and mu...

Most spectacular studying about IV episode of Star Wars

Being for us now as a very old film, having funny special effects, from time to time, this movie will always remain its uniqueness, popularity, sincerity, and ingenuousness. The film Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope is a good start for each searcher, for the person who has questions and is searching for the answers, because, as it was mentioned before, main problems of the film will stay essenti...

Essay on the importance of comparison and contrast in studying art

My first craftsman is Rafael Cauduro. Rafael Cauduro was conceived in capital city of Mexico and now dwells in the city of Cuernavaca (province of Morelos) 1950. Rafael began making predominant investigations of engineering and modern outline in the Latin American University in Mexico City. As indicated by his life story Cauduro is a self trained painter who ventures outside of customary craftsman...

Benefits of Studying Psychology

Concluding Sentence: In a nutshell, psychology assists in solving problems and handling conflicts. Conclusion : These are the benefits of learning psychology. It is true that there is no one who is born into this world as a psychologically whole person, but a person can be cultivated into one. Learning psychology plays a major part in this. That is why it is also said as ‘the science of soul’....

I am at present studying at Kaplan International College I

In conclusion, in my opinion, is that to be successful in academic research, you have to have a real passion for the subject, and I have the same passion for business and financial analysis. I hope this personal statement will prove that I am a confident and responsible student. Studying at Kaplan International College taught me a lot of things that books can't learn. I hope this personal statemen...

Whilst studying in South Africa, I was given the opportunity to

Studying Business as an undergraduate will equip me for a career path in entrepreneurship and will also help me to develop the tools to undertake postgraduate study and research. Upon graduation, I intend to undertake further studies in entrepreneurship, as I enjoy learning about this fascinating subject. I appreciate that this journey will not be easy as I will encounter lots of obstacles but nev...

Studying the Old Testament Narratives

First Thessalonians 5:21-22 teaches that it is the responsibility of every Christian to be discerning: But examine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good; abstain from every evil. The key to living an uncompromising life lies in one's ability to exercise discernment in every area of life. For example, failure to distinguish between truth and error leaves the Christian subject to all...

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