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Introduction –

You can take several approaches to writing your introduction: -Explain why changes were needed to constitution; why it seemed that the Bay Street Boys always won an election. End your introduction by stating what the focus of your essay will be. -State in summary form what the 1962 elections were and the 1964 constitutional changes were and the 1967 general elections. You introduction could be a study of the two sources. -Your introduction could also include a brief summary of the influence of the 1962 general elections and the 1964 constitutional changes on the 1967 general elections.


Paragraph 1 – Describe what happened during the 1962 General Elections, e.g. outline the results. Paragraph 2 – Describe the changes in the 1964 Constitution. Paragraph 3 – Explain how the 1962 General Election influenced the 1967 General Election. Paragraph 4 – Explain how the 1964 Constitutional changes influenced the 1967 General Election.


Draw a conclusion by answering whether there is evidence to prove that the 1962 General Election and the 1964 constitutional changes or reform had a great influence on the results of the 1967 Election. Sum up your main points. You might be tempted to respond to this question as an argumentative essay but it is not an argument essay. You would want to argue that other factors were responsible for the 1967 results and not 1962 and 1964. This may very well be true but it should not be the focus of your essay. However, you could argue this as a part of your introduction or conclusion.

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