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Study Skills

I will compare and evaluate views of Early Childhood Practitioners and authors over the past few years.

Elkind (2009) suggested that Learning and Development can be optimised by the combination of work and play, taking it then further by saying with Repetition of play children will master skills. He states clearly that children should first experience the real world, before introducing them to technology.

The last statement of Elkind goes hand in hand with what Morris-Cool (2009) suggests that children should experience the environment and their surroundings to build understanding and knowledge. By experimenting, making mistakes and past experiences, children go through a process of learning and self-educating.

Very important for Child Practitioners is to realise that children should be able to choose for themselves the activities they would like to part take in – the self-choice will lead to enjoyment and satisfaction. Linden (2002)

Basic elements for Play and the role of parents, adults and child practitioners, will be discussed. Linden (2002) In conclusion I will explore the goals of Play and how this leads to Learning and Development in the early childhood stage. Macleod-Brudenell & Kay (2008)


According to Elkind, D. (2009) Learning from Play Montessori International (Issue 91, April/June) – pp 12-13 “it is not that play and work are identical, as it is sometimes misunderstood, but rather that play should be the motivation for the child’s work”.

Selleck (2001:81) discusses the knowledge we now have about young children’s brain development and concludes that: “The main message from scientists seems to be that children need spontaneous playful interactions rather than any pre-planned or formal responses”. (Selleck (2001:81) in Macleod-Brudenell, I. & Kay, J. (2008, 2nd Ed.) Advanced Early Years for Foundation Degrees & Level 4/5 Harlow: Heineman – pp202)

“The word play is usually used to describe the activities of children from babyhood until the early teenage years”. Linden, J. – (2012) What is play: Children’s Play Information Service [online] – available from: (date accessed: 29/11/2012

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