Study of The Past And Relationships Between Events

History is the what causes them. I picked history since I always loved it since I was young. In my opinion history is a long story that will never end, and I love storys. Everyone should know a little history and learn some mistakes that our ancestors made so we won’t make the same mistakes. An issue that been around in the united states since the 1930s is marijuana or, weed, cannabis, Mary Jane, etc. Even today people are still debating if it should be legal.

Which leads us to our research question. What is the effect of marijuana legalization? Throughout history we had some unpleasant accidents that occured when marijuana is present. This paper will walk you through several peer reviewed academic journals and you will decide if marijuana should or shouldn’t be legal.

Historians conduct research in several ways. Historians mostly do analysis on primary and secondary sources. Primaries sources are anything in history that was there during the event.

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Examples are diaries, journals, newspapers, clothing, etc. Secondary sources are analysis based on primary sources. Examples are books, reports, scholarly journal articles, etc. For the sources I used in this paper, all the sources I used are secondary sources; I used peer reviewed scholarly journal articles. In the journal article “Impossible Criminals: The Suburban Imperatives of America’s War on Drugs” by Matthew D. Lassiter is about the history of when the United States went to war on illegal drugs and the drug dealers who smuggled them in and sold them to America’s youth.

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Lassiter writes about a tragic incident in the 90s in Plano (suburb of Dallas) where teens got addicted to heroin and died of overdose.

At the time Plano was named the safest mid sized city of all of the United States. The main question on everyone’s mind was “How did teens get addicted to heroin in the safest city in the United States?” The answer was a drug named marijuana. Drug dealers sold illegal marijuana to wealthy teens, after the teens smoked marijuana for a while they were ok with trying other illegal drugs like heroin, than they get addicted and die from an overdose. But that is a recent example, incidents like this have been happening for a while. Incidents like this have been happening since 1964. There have been some controversy because back then have of the defendants who sold marijuana at the time Mexican Americans at the time. Since race was involved. Another issue was that since most of the marijuana users (about ⅓ of ) teens, congress didn’t want to punish teens and fill prisons with America’s youth, which is why Impossible Criminals are on the name of the article. Lassiter also writes about Ronald Reagan. In 1982 Reagan formally declares war on drugs.

At the time the Reagan administration has ignored the America’s drug ademic to focus on other issues. But the Reagan Administration couldn’t ignore the issue any longer. Regan and Nancy Reagan worked hard to educate America’s youth on drugs and eventually released a PBS special. The Reagan administration did a lot of work on the war on drugs to make America a better place. In the Journal article “The Politics of Contamination: Herbicides, Drug Control, and Environmental Law” by Daniel Weimer is and Journal article that goes over the history of Herbicides and how the government used them to destroy drug crops and how congress argued to use herbicides to destroy drug crops or don’t use them to save the environment. Weimer writes about how in the 1977 there were reports of paraquat-tainted marijuana being smuggled into the United States. The reports feared that tanited marijuana would cause permanent lung damages.

From this tainted marijuana users experienced mouth sore, headaches, and bloody vomit. The United States took two steps to reduce the tainted marijuana in mexico. In 1978 congress passed the International Assistance Act to limit the herbicide program by banning US support for paraquat spraying for mexico. After the act was passed. Congress wondered about the use of herbicides in the United States all well. Shortly after, paraquat was banned in the United States. Best herbicides had weren’t just for poisoning crops. It was good for destroying crops. All throughout Mexico and a little of the United States. Which was one way the United States reduce drug trafficking from Mexico.

In the journal article “A Threat to National Security: The Cold War on Drugs” by Brionna Mendoza. Is an interesting article which is a journal article the covers the cold war and America’s war on drugs at the time. In fact It’s feels like that the journal is all of the journal articles I picked combined. It feels like it should be two separate articles but relates to the events. Mendoza writes about how during the cold war tensions between the United States and the USSR were tense. The united states number one goal was to strengthen national security. The biggest weakness in national security is that illegal drugs are being smuggled across the US Mexican border. Nixon felt like if he eliminate drugs from society, the American will be happy and calm down from race riots, crime, anti war demonstrations, and cold war paranoia. Nixon ordered the US mexican border to be heavily searched, and even to be shut down for a few weeks. In the end Nixon didn’t really reduce drug trafficking. Nixon work didn’t do much in the war on drugs but Reagan finished Nixon’s work for him. In conclusion, throughout history.

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