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Study Habits Essay

Essay Topic:

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Each student has unique way of studying. They differ individually in academic performances and study habits. The efficiency of the students at this stage depend upon his/her study and how well his/her lessons.

The effectiveness of the intellectual ability of a student is assessed by its ability to perform and respond in lectures, assignments and scores in examination. The values on attitude and the well-planned efforts to maintain good grades and most importantly develops a positive value which is the sense of responsibility.

Different techniques applied by students on their study habits. Some manifested focused on their studies and others portray a happy go-lucky style which means a poor study habits. A person with a goal in life inspite of hindrances experienced, aspire or aim high to cope with challenges along the way.(Legaspi 2010)

It is generally agreed that healthy family atmosphere and satisfactory parent- child relationship are essential for the good performance of every student. Study habit plays an important role in the academic status of a student.

To accomplish such an objective, it is necessary that student should have effective and enjoyable use of leisure time where discipline comes in. Because of technological advances, there are many temptations to destruct the students and it is through this that they can counteract the growing dependency passive forms of recreations such as computer, cell phones, and TV. These can cause damage to students because they became lazy. This system should also be discouraged for they can cause mental block.

The teacher exercises considerable influences of the students development of 2 attitude, mental hygiene and deals of behavior. This particular attitude displayed by a teacher from the student affects the latter significantly. The individual’s degree of intelligence or of intelligent behavior is his/her degree of ability of attention, relentive and recall, inductive and deductive reasoning and generalization as there respond to the learning process.(Legaspi 2010)

Study habits of Second Year students of Saint Michael College of Caraga is very interesting topic because it will help most of the students to adopt the good method of learning and studying. It also help every students to cope up with their problems encountered from their studies. It enables them to create effective and efficient ways to their studies. On the side of the Saint Michael College of Caraga, they will able to comprehend every students and rendering good teachings which creates effective and efficient teacher.

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