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1.What is the name given a child that exhibits ‘’good developmental outcomes despite high-risk status, sustained competence under stress, and recovery from trauma’’

Resilient Children

2 Carter and McGoldrick emphasized the importance of the family life cycle in order to best understand families. According to their theory which stage is called ‘’

Pressure cooker’’? Families with young children

3.For Vygotsky, the ZPD is the mechanism by which development occurs. ZPD Means: Zone of proximal development According to Vigotsky the mechanism by which human Development occurs.

4 .Which are the three elements of the child care trilemma?

Compensate caregivers, fairly Quality child care, Care affordable for families.

5. Which organization has developed a code of ethical conduct for early childhood professionals? National Association for the Education of Young Children

6According to Bronfenbrenner Biological Theory there are five systems? : Microsystem, Mesosystem, Exosystem, Macrosystem, Chonosystem

7. Grandparents styles?

Fun Seeker
Surrogate Parent.
Reservoir of family
Wisdom Distant

8. What is the definition of cohesion’’?
How close they are the member of family (as well as the amount and kind of time they spend together.

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9. What is the definition of ‘’flexibility?

This refers to the ability of family members to change roles

10. What is the most important roles a person can perform? Mother Father Parenting.

11. TANF means:
Temporary Assistance for Needy families.

12. It is expected that parenting skills will come:

13. Which parenting style avoid confrontation, more responsive than demanding, lenient, do not require mature behavior. Indulgent Parents

14. Spiritually, in its various forms, is seem as the responsibility of parents 15.

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-Children whose parents use this parenting style , are anxious, have poor communication skills, fail to initiate activities and some over aggressive. Authoritarian Parents

16.-Wha factors support family strengths?
1. Loving nurturing relationships

Financial stability
Positive connections to people and organizations in communities

17. Parents with this parenting style, have low in both control and warmth; little time or energy given to parenting; low commitment to children. Uninvolved Parents

18.-Diana Baumrind has established four types of parenting:
Authoritarian Authoritative Indulgent Uninvolved

19.-Two examples of the concept that cultures borrow and share rules are: Wedding rituals and food and music.

20.-Effective communication between teachers Parents is:
Imperative in the provision of quality care and education for youngest children. 21.-Which factors determine how involved fathers are in their children’s lives? Fathers relationships with their own parents

Fathers belief systems about the roles of mothers and fathers Attitudes of the mother
Marital relationships
Timing of fatherhood
Family employment patterns
Work quality

22.-Inclusiveness, in early childhood educations means:
An educational approach that is welcoming to all children and families

23. Define vertical stressors and give two examples: is the events we can changes like Family patterns, authoritarian parent and secrets like don tell. Is the stressors we can change like family patterns authoritarian and secrets like don tell

24. Write five different ways to became parents besides sexual intercourse: Donor insemination, Egg donation, Blended families, Adoption, Foster parents,

25. Define horizontal stressors and give two examples: is the stressor we can not change The nature of these stressor make more difficult to cope with them and to resolve Unemployment

Chronic Illness

26.-Write three different ways in which families are different: Language, Gender roles ethnicity culture

27. What NAEYC means: National Association for the education of young children

28.-Two examples of the concept that culture is learned. Is not biological Table manners, and ways they demonstrating respect.

29.-There are other variables more important for children’s welfare than whether or not the mother is working outside the home, these variables are: Variations in home life, effects from the specific work environment, and the availability of quality child care.

30.-Nuclear family; extended family, family of orientation; family of procreation. Nuclear family: Any 2 or more persons of the same or adjoining generation related by blood marriage or adoption sharing common residence. Extended family: A family in which 2 or more generations of the same kin living together (extension beyond the nuclear family). Family of orientation: The nuclear family into which one was born and reared (consists of self, siblings, and parents) Family of procreation: The nuclear family formed by marriage (consists of self, spouse, and children.

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