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Study at ACCSC School

For the reasons I choose to study in ACC Schools of Commerce because there are many factors that affect the way we life such as economic system and opportunity to get the job in the future. I would like to study in this university because I thought the experience in Assumption organization and Acc School of Commerce will help me being the best businessman. After, I graduated in ACC School of commerce, I would like to start my own business to help my family and ACCSC. I received information from the senior who graduated from Assumption College Thonburi and is studying in Assumption University. He recommended me about his life studying in Assumption University that make me more interested in studying at this campus but unfortunately that I was born in the family that love science more than business administration.

However, I tried applying for public university. After that, I asked for permission to study in ACC. When I graduated here, I will start some SME which can support my family. I will use what I learn from the university build my own business. realized that I’m not good at English. However, I believe that I will do my best if I can apply to the university that I want to. This scholarship the part of my successful life and this thing will prove my ability that I can study in the university that I love. In my opinion, I believe that ACCSC is the first place I’m thinking to apply and I want to study business, so that I can help my family with my own business.

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