Study abroad for Turkish students Essay

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Study abroad for Turkish students

From the later periods of Ottoman Empire, generally, Turkish students have a dream about having their education in abroad. Taking an education in foreign countries seems to be very advantageous for Turkish students because improved social structure and modern cities attracts their attention. Although foreign education standards seem to be attractive, they have a lot of disadvantages. The main disadvantages of study abroad for Turkish students are low education standards in state universities and high education costs.

Low education standards in foreign state universities are a disadvantage for Turkish students, because abroad universities can not provide adequate education standards for them. First, as a consequence of professors’ unmotivated mood, Turkish students can not have a chance to ask their questions about their lessons. Also, students from turkey unable to concentrate to their lectures because of lecture halls’ overcrowded circumstance. So, Turkish students are getting inadequate degrees. Second, Turkish students have to do lots of researches in their university but, if foreign universities fails to find a sponsorship to finance their researches there will be no research, as a result of lack of money.

For instance, as mentioned in the Growing pains (2002) text “New Zealand home universities and research centers lack inspiration and research funding.” So, Turkish students in New Zealand Universities can not learn how to use a lab or experiments about their lectures. On the other hand, In Turkish universities professors can earn enough money and universities can support students’ researches from their own budgets. As a result Turkish students can get qualified education from their university.

High education costs forces Turkish students to think about not only their education and future, but also their tuition fees and other expenses. In Turkey state universities are nearly free but in US State Universities’ students have to pay $3,700 for tuition, so this difference surprises their families who are supposed to finance their children; in addition, Turkish Private Universities are generally charged $10,000 per year but the top price of US private Universities can reach $30,000 per year, as a consequence study abroad concerns only rich Turkish families. Another consequence is, students tried to earn money by working part-time, rarely full-time, to afford their tuition fees and share that burden, partly, from their . For example, a student who lives in Oxford has to work full-time as a waitress and parents but this affects their graduation grades. However, in Turkish universities, students can attend their classes without a fear about the university payments because there have been lots of scholarship types in every university and the tuition fees are prepared according to the average income of Turkish families.

In Conclusion, low education standards and high education costs in abroad, makes Turkish students education difficult for them. Although some European countries have well-organized universities, they have some racial problems besides the money based problems, so Turkish students have to take their education in their own land.

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